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Space for all

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Engineering services and the most advanced systems and programs for the aeronautical sector

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Defense and Security

Innovative solutions for the defense and security sector

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Intelligent Transportation Systems

Leader in the design, development, implementation, and rollout of Intelligent Transportation Systems (ITS)

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Advanced solutions for connected autonomous vehicles

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We cover the entire cybersecurity life cycle: identify, protect, detect, respond, and recover

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Digital Public Services

We apply our digital transformation know-how to public administration

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Technology and innovation at the service of the healthcare sector

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Defining a new future for smart, competitive, industry

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We adapt your business to new technology securely

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Over 35 years as a trusted technology partner of the world’s leading banking institutions

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enerTIC Awards
enerTIC Award

Together with CEPSA, GMV has been announced as winner of the enerTIC Award in the “Smart Energy Operations” category, for their project on automation of the laboratory sample disposal process at the Energy Park in Palos de la Frontera (Huelva, Spain), where cobots are being used to improve safety, efficiency, and productivity.

Cornerstone Award

GMV has received the Best Employee Experience award from Cornerstone. This award recognizes the work of our People Strategy & Culture department reagarding the digitalization of the employee experience. From the time when they are first hired, employees have access to a digital platform that assists them throughout their entire professional career at GMV.

Premio Cuco
Award for CUCO Project

The CUCO project, led by GMV, has received the award for “Best Large Company Digitalization Project” at the 2022 D+I Innovation Awards presented by the EL ESPAÑOL online newspaper. This project, which is focused on researching the application of quantum computing in industries that are strategic for the Spanish economy, has been described as “the first major quantum computing project with a national, business-related scope, with the aim of advancing scientific and technological knowledge of quantum computing algorithms through public-private collaboration”.

Smart City Poland Award
Smart City Poland Award

GMV was awarded the 1st prize in the category of transport in the Smart City Poland Award competition organized by Smart City Expo Poland.

GMV received the award for the modernization of the infrastructure of bus stops in the city of Torun, where we implemented our Fleet Management System (ITS Suite) together with GMV Planner, a planning module, and a dynamic Passenger Information System. The modernization also included the delivery and installation of 73 new bus stop signs in RGB LED technology.

CLEPA ‘Smart & Safe’ Award 2022

GMV has been awarded the ‘Smart & Safe’ prize at the 7th edition of the European Automotive Suppliers Association (CLEPA) Innovation Awards for its solution GMV GSharp.

This is a safe and precise positioning solution based on satellite navigation technologies (GNSS).

Mejor acción social
“Best Social Action” Award

GMV has received “Best Social Action” Award from Castilla y León Económica Business Magazine.

This award recognizes the company’s commitment to promoting scientific careers and technologies, through its collaboration with several universities in the Spanish region of Castile and León and its support for the STEM Talent Girl program in the city of Valladolid, as well as the donations to the Food Bank, the campaign to support Ukraine, and collaboration with various organizations such as Fundación Prodis, among others.

DBS award
Hewlett Packard Enterprise Service Provider of the Year 2022 Award

GMV has received the Hewlett Packard Enterprise Service Provider of the Year 2022 Award.

Hewlett Packard Enterprise (HPE) announced the winners of the HPE Partner of the Year Awards 2022 in recognition of HPE partners who exemplify commitment and success in delivering value to their customers on their digital transformation journey. This recognition has been given to HPE partners who have achieved exceptional results in financial performance, innovative solutions and meaningful business results.

2021 Award for Research and Innovation Collaboration with UPM

The Polytechnic University of Madrid awards GMV for the research and innovation collaboration with this university, within the framework of its 2021 edition of the UPM Research Program.

Throughout the company's history, it has maintained a close relationship with the UPM, by building and diversifying more and new avenues of research and innovation.

This award is therefore recognition of GMV's firm commitment to continue the strong relationship forged with UPM, which is geared to our aim of innovating for progress.

Premio Cámara de Comercio Alemana
AHK Excellence in Sustainability Award

GMV was recognized at the 10th edition of the Excellence Awards by the German Chamber of Commerce in Spain (AHK).

Channel Partner Award 2019

GMV received the 2019 Channel Partner Award in the Security in Critical Aerospace Environments category. These awards recognize the best trajectories in the ICT channel. The award was given by technology partners Ireo and Sophos, recognizing the work of the company in the development of the Control Segment for Galileo, the European global satellite navigation system.

2019 Woman in Traffic Management

Ana Herrera, head of Smart Cities business development at the GMV subsidiary dedicated to intelligent transportation systems, received the Women in Traffic Management award from the Association of Traffic Engineers and Mobility Technicians.

The award recognizes the efforts of women in the government, universities, and private businesses who have worked intensively in the area of traffic, especially promoting traffic engineering in Spain.

2019 SIC Award

As part of the 2019 Securmática Awards, GMV was recognized with one of the SIC awards for the Galileo project, in which cybersecurity is the key element.

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GMV News 79
September 2021


Global navigation satellite systems. Current trends and future prospects


Rodrigo da Costa. EUSPA Executive Director


GMV, acts as nexus between today’s and tomorrow’s vocational training

GMV news 84
December 2022


Development and evolution of positioning techniques


Vincent Rooke. Director SouthPAN Section. Geoscience Australia


Opportunity-generating changes

GMV news 83
September 2022


Satellite navigation, a vital infrastructure management technology


Isabel Pardo de Vera Secretary of State for Transport, Mobility and the Urban Agenda of the Government of Spain


Team GMV, the best ambassadors of the corporate brand

GMV news 82
June 2022


Towards sustainable space: the satellite traffic and space-debris challenge


Holger Krag. Head of ESA's Space Safety Programme


Boomerang employees: when values come first

GMV news 81
March 2022


Artificial intelligence for driving post-pandemic precision medicine


Ana Céspedes. IAVI Chief Operating Officer


The intergenerational handover, a perk of GMV’s diversity strategy

GMV News 80
December 2021


The Galileo Ground Control Segment challenge brought to a reality


Esperanza Casteleiro Llamazares. Secretary of State for Defense
María José Rallo del Olmo. Secretary General of Transport and Mobility


Flexibility and mutual trust, the keys to GMV’s new working models

GMV News 79
September 2021


Global navigation satellite systems. Current trends and future prospects


Rodrigo da Costa. EUSPA Executive Director


GMV, acts as nexus between today’s and tomorrow’s vocational training

GMV News 78
July 2021


2021, all hail railway transport


Ramón Azuara. Deputy General Manager of Spain’s national railway operator Renfe


The wellbeing of its staff, one of GMV’s overriding concerns

GMV News 77
April 2021


Cybersecurity coming up trumps


Guillermo Llorente Ballesteros, MAPFRE’s Corporate Security Manager


GMV gets behind technology careers and STEM talent

GMV News 76
January 2021


GMV NSL, a brand new company born in the times of Brexit and COVID


Mark Dumville, General Manager GMV NSL


Learning Life, GMV’s new idea for continuous learning and training

The HARMONY Alliance, comprised of the IMI HARMONY and HARMONY PLUS projects, covers the full spectrum of research into hematologic neoplasms and seeks to facilitate the development of more effective treatments for patients affected by this type of disease

The Alliance is applying advanced analytical technologies, big data and artificial intelligence, developed by GMV, to draw the first European map of blood tumors

The HARMONY database will use the data shared to date and aims to function as a tool for designing new clinical tests and reduce their costs, with the corresponding benefits to society

GMV is selected by the European Space Agency (ESA) as a supplier of the Radio Frequency Constellation Simulator, the largest contract signed by GMV in Portugal

The main objectives of Galileo Second Generation are the phasing in of new services, improvement of existing services and increase of security

GMV has been chosen by CAF group to develop the precise fleet-tracking and –management system for Jerusalem’s light rail

GMV’s solution will be based on its inhouse railway and tram fleet management system SAE-R®

As well as basic fleet-management, -tracking and passenger-information functions the system will also offer other ground-breaking features

Launched under the umbrella of the EDIDP program, GEODE is the biggest Galileo application development project ever launched and a crucial and decisive step towards the development of the Galileo Public Regulated Service (PRS) military User Segment

Co-financed by Belgium, Germany, Italy, France and Spain, GEODE is supported by the EU with a grant of about 44 million Euros

Within the Spanish industrial team, GMV is responsible for integration of the GNSS/PRS Receiver system, and in particular for the development of all the Receiver’s signal-processing, navigation and timing functions

The European Commission awards a H2020 Grant to a GMV-led consortium the EUSTM project to help shaping a future European Space Traffic Management capability

The EUSTM team involves SSA/SST experts, satellite operators & manufacturers and launch providers (including relevant actors in the New Space) as well as policy, governance and legal stakeholders.

The opening of this new office continues the company´s international expansion drive, thus consolidating its main business activities

GMV’s Brussels office will work in close cooperation with European Union (EU) institutions, such as The European Commission, the Council of the EU, the European Parliament and EU Agencies

GMV’s inhouse development uTile now makes it possible for information on cancer patients to be shared without jeopardizing their privacy during research into new drugs and treatment

Hospitals, research centers and the pharmaceutical industry can now strike the right balance between harnessing healthcare data and respecting patient privacy, without exposing patient data to any risk of disclosure or even moving it from the respective health center

After featuring prominently in the program’s first and second phases, GMV will be acting as a strategic partner of the projects playing a key role in all third-phase projects of the H2020 Strategic Research Cluster (SRC) on space robotics technologies

In the three new robotics projects GMV will be taking on responsibility for the robotics components’ autonomy systems and cooperation capability, and will also contribute to the guidance, navigation and control systems (GNC)

The aim is to take one more stride towards a final demonstration of the orbital mission and set up a robotic collaboration demonstrator in a Mars-like terrain scenario

Apex hails the firm as an innovating company on the strength of its radiosurgery planner Radiance™

The worldwide intraoperative radiation therapy market, growing at a rate of 7% from 2019 a 2024, will be worth 67.8 million dollars by the end of that period

The Forum of Incident Response and Security Teams (FIRST) brings together worldwide incident response and security teams to share information and good response practices, guaranteeing a secure internet for one and all

The purpose of this Spanish healthcare project is to improve personalized care for patients with chronic illnesses, cancer, and degenerative and rare diseases. It uses tools that assist with clinical decision-making to offer the public a more advanced and efficient healthcare system

Cuídat-e has a budget of €5,833,774, including €2,000,000 from the Canary Islands region (85% co‑funded by the Spanish Rare Disease Federation (FEDER)), and €3,833,774 from the Valencian Community region (50% co‑funded by FEDER)

Government satellite operator Hisdesat has awarded GMV the ground segment project for the two new satellites of the SPAINSAT NG program, to be located in Madrid

The project awarded to GMV includes cutting-edge innovations in the development and deployment of satellite control centers: communications security, satellite control system, satellite payload control system, satellite tracking and localization, as well as data reception

The contract, which launches the next phase of the NGWS/FCAS program, was awarded on 15 December

Formed by GMV, Sener Aeroespacial, and Tecnobit-Grupo Oesía, SATNUS Technologies SL is leading all the activities of the Remote Carrier Technology Pillar for the Next Generation Weapons System (NGWS) in the Future Combat Air System (FCAS)

The phase that is about to start will cover 36 months of activities and exceed €3 billion

In addition, use of the RadianceTM planning system allows estimation of the dose received in at‑risk organs, to help protect them from radiation side effects

These results are being published just as the Spanish Cancer Radiation Therapy Society (SEOR) prepares to commemorate the anniversary of the first documented radiotherapy cure

New vehicle models incorporating automated driving functions rely on trustworthy, accurate and safe GMV’s positioning technology

With more than 30 years’ experience in the field of GNSS, GMV is one of the main worldwide suppliers for the automotive sector

The contract, worth over €7 million, includes the supply, installation, and deployment of the multi-operator, multi-fleet CAD/AVL systems for 916 buses and 27 operators

GMV has been delivering ITS solutions for more than 25 years, making it a leading provider of intelligent transportation management systems and passenger information systems

GMV’s intelligent transportation systems are currently being used by more than 400 transit operators across five continents in countries such as the United States, Spain, Malaysia, Poland, Morocco, Sweden, Mexico, Malta, and Cyprus


Both companies sign an agreement for developing an integrated ready-to-use end-to-end solution for ADAS (Advanced Driver Assistance System)

GMV High Accuracy and Safe solution, based on satellite navigation (GNSS) technologies, cornerstone of this partnership

GMV has more than 30 years of experience in GNSS and a strong legacy in automotive of more than 20 years

GMV will be developing two core elements of the Southern Positioning Augmentation Network (SouthPAN) system, which is a joint initiative of the Australian and New Zealand governments to provide the two countries with satellite navigation and precise positioning services

These systems have applications in industries as diverse as agriculture and road, air, maritime, and rail transportation, as well as in the field of geomatics

GMV will play a key role in the SouthPAN project, with responsibility for developing the system’s processing and control centers and ensuring compliance with the committed performance levels

In public-private collaboration projects run in conjunction with organizations such as the ACE Foundation and Vall d’Hebron Research Institute

Artificial intelligence (AI) could, in some cases, render invasive techniques unnecessary to diagnose prostate cancer, as well as aid in the early diagnosis of neurodegenerative diseases of particular prevalence and incidence

The aim of the iSAR program is to improve search and rescue services while also reducing pollution, by applying state-of-the-art technologies

GMV will be responsible for one of the iSAR project’s challenges, developing the command and control systems and creating the network infrastructure that will allow for real-time communications among maritime vessels, aircraft, and coordination centers


Almost 120,000 anonymized data records have already been identified for patients with hematologic malignancies. Research is now being focused on finding the most effective therapies that can cover the entire research spectrum for these forms of cancer, bringing new hope for those suffering from the less common types

GMV is the technological partner responsible for the secure platform that stores the data and makes it available for scientific analysis, with anonymization of the data and harmonization based on the common OMOP data model

At the 7th Edition of the European Automotive Suppliers Association (CLEPA) Innovation Awards

GMV has more than 30 years of experience in GNSS and more than 20 years in the supply of automotive software

GMV GSharp for automotive is a groundbreaking solution based on satellite navigation technology that provides highly accurate and safe positioning information and is already being used in the autonomous vehicles of the main OEMs

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