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Icono Espacio

Space for all

Icono Aeronáutica

Engineering services and the most advanced systems and programs for the aeronautical sector

Icono Defensa y Seguridad
Defense and Security

Innovative solutions for the defense and security sector

Icono Its
Intelligent Transportation Systems

Leader in the design, development, implementation, and rollout of Intelligent Transportation Systems (ITS)

Icono Automoción

Advanced solutions for connected autonomous vehicles

Icono Ciberseguridad

We cover the entire cybersecurity life cycle: identify, protect, detect, respond, and recover

Icono Servicios Públicos Digitales
Digital Public Services

We apply our digital transformation know-how to public administration

Icono Sanidad

Technology and innovation at the service of the healthcare sector

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Defining a new future for smart, competitive, industry

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We adapt your business to new technology securely

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Over 35 years as a trusted technology partner of the world’s leading banking institutions

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premio «Empresa más Innovadora»
"Most Innovative Company" Award

GMV has been awarded the "Most Innovative Company" award in the first edition of Banco Sabadell's Company Awards of the Year, organized by El Periódico de España

This recognition is a great honor for us and reflects our ongoing commitment to innovation as a driver of growth and professional and business development.



Premio OVHcloud
Space Collaboration and Innovation Promise of the Year | Spain 2024

OVHcloud gave us the prestigious Space Collaboration and Innovation Promise of the Year | Spain 2024 award thanks to our commitment to collaboration and innovation in the space sector.

Our colleagues Miguel Ángel Molina, Amaya Atencia Yépez, and Nathalie Dahan García had the honor of receiving the award.

Premio Aster
Aster Lifetime Business Achievement Award

GMV has received the Aster Lifetime Business Achievement Award.

The Aster Awards organized by ESIC, a Spanish business school, recognize the merits of individuals and organizations that have excelled in their professional pursuits and have advanced the integration of academic training and business work. With this award, the ESIC celebrates the path that GMV has taken over its 40-year history: from a small project born of the entrepreneurial initiative of Dr Juan José Martínez García, to a robust company that today employs more than 3,000 people, operates in Europe, America and Asia, and is making its mark in a wide range of high-tech sectors.


Premio ASTI
Award for GMV's work developing female talent

The ASTI Foundation granted GMV its Best Company award in the third edition of the foundation's annual STEM Talent Girl Awards, which recognize the best female talent in STEM fields and the work of companies and institutions to support and encourage this talent.

This recognition highlights GMV's work developing and implementing a cross-cutting strategy aimed at furthering the professional development of women in STEM fields.

Premio Hewlett Packard 2023
Service Provider 2023 Award

Hewlett Packard Enterprise awarded GMV the prestigious Service Provider of the Year 2023 award at the HPE Constellation event.

Alfredo Yepez, president and general director of HPE Spain, and Gonzalo de Celis, Channel Manager Spain, presented the award to Juan Antonio Abánades and Nathalie Dahan García for the great work of their team this year.

Premio Exolum
GMV receives an award in the Digital Transformation Projects category

At the 15th edition of the Comunicaciones Hoy Awards, GMV, together with Exolum, received the Digital Transformation Projects award for their into-plane digitalization project.

These awards recognize projects that demonstrate innovation, quality, and a positive impact on the industry, as well as a contribution to progress in the field of technology and communications

Reconocimiento Banco de Alimentos
Recognition from the Food Bank Foundation of Madrid (Fundación Banco de Alimentos de Madrid)

GMV’s generous work supporting the Food Bank Foundation of Madrid throughout 2022 has earned it an award from the Foundation. Ignacio Ramos Gorostiola, GMV’s Corporate Director of People and Infrastructure Strategy, received the award from Francisco García, the president of the Foundation.

Leadership Award from Radio Intereconomía

GMV was recognized in the second edition of the Radio Intereconomía Awards (2023) in the Leadership category for its track record of constant growth and its position as a model in many of the areas where the organization works.

With these awards, Radio Intereconomía recognizes the hard work and efforts of the companies leading the way towards change and contributing to the development of society.

Premio Cuco
AMETIC Award #Santander37

The CUCO project has received the 2023 AMETIC Award for Business Excellence in Quantum Technology.

The CUCO project for quantum computing in business, led by GMV, was recognized for its contribution to collaboration between scientists, universities, and businesses. The award was accepted by José Carlos Baquero, manager of GMV's Artificial Intelligence and Big Data Division.

 5G testbed project premio
International Partnership and J.K Barrie Awards

At National Asia-Pacific Spatial Excellence Awards (APSEA) Dinner GMV received two recognitions for our job done in the 5G Precise Positioning Testbed project: the International Partnership and the J.K Barrie Awards.

The 5G Precise Positioning Testbed project aims to demonstrate in the field the new capabilities introduced by 5G 3GPP to deliver GNSS-based high-accuracy positioning to 5G-connected devices, unlocking a plethora of commercial and consumer opportunities.

enerTIC Awards
enerTIC Award

Together with CEPSA, GMV has been announced as winner of the enerTIC Award in the “Smart Energy Operations” category, for their project on automation of the laboratory sample disposal process at the Energy Park in Palos de la Frontera (Huelva, Spain), where cobots are being used to improve safety, efficiency, and productivity.

Cornerstone Award

GMV has received the Best Employee Experience award from Cornerstone. This award recognizes the work of our People Strategy & Culture department reagarding the digitalization of the employee experience. From the time when they are first hired, employees have access to a digital platform that assists them throughout their entire professional career at GMV.

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GMV News 89
April 2024


At the cutting-edge of intelligent regional transportation systems


Diego Domínguez Amaral, head of Technological Systems for Bus Operations, Transports Metropolitans de Barcelona (TMB)


Language training: a key to global competitiveness and growth

GMV news 88
December 2023


Galileo PRS service as an essential element of resilient PNT


Lieutenant Colonel Conrado Ávila Alexandre. Sub-Directorate General of Programs at the DGAM. Spanish Ministry of Defense


The Race of the Companies: Physical Well-being, Team Spirit, and Fun

GMV News 87
September 2023


About New Space


Guillermo Lamelas, CEO of Alén Space


GMV launches buddy program to help onboard new recruits

GMV news 86
July 2023


Single market for data, a driver for the economy


Yvo Volman, Director of the Data Directorate DG for Communications Networks, Content and Technology. European Commission

Carme Artigas, Secretary of State for Digitalization and Artificial Intelligence. Ministry of Economic Affairs and Digital


GMV reaches 3,000 employees

GMV News 85
March 2023


Strengthening Strategic Autonomy Through Defense Innovation Projects


Luis Astorga. Chairman of NCI Agency Supervisory Board


EMERGE, a program to promote female talent

GMV news 84
December 2022


Development and evolution of positioning techniques


Vincent Rooke. Director SouthPAN Section. Geoscience Australia


Opportunity-generating changes

GMV news 83
September 2022


Satellite navigation, a vital infrastructure management technology


Isabel Pardo de Vera Secretary of State for Transport, Mobility and the Urban Agenda of the Government of Spain


Team GMV, the best ambassadors of the corporate brand

GMV news 82
June 2022


Towards sustainable space: the satellite traffic and space-debris challenge


Holger Krag. Head of ESA's Space Safety Programme


Boomerang employees: when values come first

GMV news 81
March 2022


Artificial intelligence for driving post-pandemic precision medicine


Ana Céspedes. IAVI Chief Operating Officer


The intergenerational handover, a perk of GMV’s diversity strategy

Launched under the umbrella of the EDIDP program, GEODE is the biggest Galileo application development project ever launched and a crucial and decisive step towards the development of the Galileo Public Regulated Service (PRS) military User Segment

Co-financed by Belgium, Germany, Italy, France and Spain, GEODE is supported by the EU with a grant of about 44 million Euros

Within the Spanish industrial team, GMV is responsible for integration of the GNSS/PRS Receiver system, and in particular for the development of all the Receiver’s signal-processing, navigation and timing functions

The European Commission awards a H2020 Grant to a GMV-led consortium the EUSTM project to help shaping a future European Space Traffic Management capability

The EUSTM team involves SSA/SST experts, satellite operators & manufacturers and launch providers (including relevant actors in the New Space) as well as policy, governance and legal stakeholders.

The opening of this new office continues the company´s international expansion drive, thus consolidating its main business activities

GMV’s Brussels office will work in close cooperation with European Union (EU) institutions, such as The European Commission, the Council of the EU, the European Parliament and EU Agencies

GMV’s inhouse development uTile now makes it possible for information on cancer patients to be shared without jeopardizing their privacy during research into new drugs and treatment

Hospitals, research centers and the pharmaceutical industry can now strike the right balance between harnessing healthcare data and respecting patient privacy, without exposing patient data to any risk of disclosure or even moving it from the respective health center

After featuring prominently in the program’s first and second phases, GMV will be acting as a strategic partner of the projects playing a key role in all third-phase projects of the H2020 Strategic Research Cluster (SRC) on space robotics technologies

In the three new robotics projects GMV will be taking on responsibility for the robotics components’ autonomy systems and cooperation capability, and will also contribute to the guidance, navigation and control systems (GNC)

The aim is to take one more stride towards a final demonstration of the orbital mission and set up a robotic collaboration demonstrator in a Mars-like terrain scenario

Apex hails the firm as an innovating company on the strength of its radiosurgery planner Radiance™

The worldwide intraoperative radiation therapy market, growing at a rate of 7% from 2019 a 2024, will be worth 67.8 million dollars by the end of that period

The Forum of Incident Response and Security Teams (FIRST) brings together worldwide incident response and security teams to share information and good response practices, guaranteeing a secure internet for one and all

Spanish companies will join all the program’s activities and take part in all the decisions reached with its German and French partners on equal terms.

For several months, Spanish industry has been working with a close eye on phases 1B and 2, which will extend the project until 2027

The work and determination of the Ministry of Defence have been key to Spain's role in a project which is set to constitute a true technological revolution

GMV is selected by the European Space Agency (ESA) as one of the three main contractors of the new phase of the Galileo Second Generation ground segment

The main objectives of Galileo Second Generation are the phasing in of new services, improvement of existing services and increase of security

Galileo now provides positioning, navigation and timing services for over 400 million users around the world

GMV’s inhouse radiosurgery planner Radiance™ determines the exact dose of radiotherapy to be administered at the moment of the surgery, helping clinicians to optimize the treatment

Intraoperative radiotherapy can save patients’ later journeys to the hospital and thus help to make the health system more sustainable

GMV’s positioning solution is a key technology for Level-3 highly automated driving functions, set to debut in the current BMW 7 Series 

This milestone solidifies GMV’s position as an automotive supplier, offering safe, reliable, and precise positioning solutions achieved through more than 30 years of experience in the field of Global Navigation Satellite Systems (GNSS)

The “Scoobic MED: 5G Autonomous Electric Logistics Vehicle in smart pay-per-use” is a major step forward in the future of urban delivery, bringing together 5G technology and autonomous electric mobility to offer more efficient and sustainable solutions

Passion Motorbike Factory and GMV are offering a groundbreaking pay-per-use business model to boost autonomous electric mobility, powered by artificial intelligence and 5G technology

The $16M contract and a new GMV office will establish a permanent footprint for the company in the New York Metro area


The company is participating in eight 2023 European Defence Fund (EDF) projects, securing its place in the group of European companies with the highest number of contracts

It has been awarded a total of 36 projects between EDIDP and EDF, representing a European Commission contribution of nearly 350 million euros

The projects are focused on the development of the capabilities of force protection systems, mission systems, aviation, command and control, space surveillance, navigation, and secure communications

More than 17,000 satellites have been launched into space, and about 11,500 of them are still there, with more than 9,000 still in operation

In recent years, the space industry has experienced a profound transformation, driven by public-sector initiatives as well as private investment

Space is now being seen as an ecosystem that must be protected, just like our oceans and forests

At its exclusive platform-art© robotics laboratory, GMV is now testing important technologies for removing space debris, and for performing in‑orbit maintenance, refueling, and complex infrastructure assembly

PAIT offers companies the unique ability to forecast and plan for future pay disparities, providing a comprehensive tool for strategic workforce planning and its impact on the pay gap

GMV will supply the new Space Situational Awareness and Control System for the Spanish Air and Space Force

This is based on a contract for the development, deployment, support and maintenance of the hardware and software needed to operate this system at Spain’s Space Surveillance Operations Center

GMV continues to solidify its position as a European leader in developing civilian and military space surveillance and command and control systems

AI can help with medical imaging training and diagnostic accuracy in primary care. Thanks to Alisse, personnel with no medical experience or training produced images of sufficient diagnostic quality nine times out of ten, fairly close to how expert sonographers performed on the same tests

The World Health Organization estimates that 80% of medical decisions are based on diagnostic imaging

Primary care services address over 90% of the reasons for patients’ visits, becoming the gateway to the public healthcare system

TEPRO and GMV are working in collaboration to use artificial intelligence (AI) and detailed analysis of climatological data to provide predictions of water content in soil, marking a crucial milestone for sustainability and efficiency in the use of irrigation

AGRARIA is leading the way in the implementation of innovative solutions to optimize water use in agriculture in response to the urgent water crisis affecting all of Spain

GMV offers companies in the chemical sector the chance to use autonomous robotics and artificial intelligence for inspection tasks

The uPathWay solution transforms the safety and efficiency of industrial processes by introducing autonomous robotics in dangerous and repetitive tasks

The aim of this mission is to demonstrate services and develop key technologies of Low-Earth Orbit (LEO) satellites for Positioning, Navigation and Timing (PNT) by launching a small constellation of 5 satellites

GMV will be responsible for the complete end-to-end space mission and will lead an industrial organization that includes key partners such as OHB System AG, Alén Space, Beyond Gravity and Indra

It will open up a new way of using low orbit satellites in key markets and applications

With this new contract, the multinational consolidates its position as a leading player of the European space industry

Both organizations commit to strengthening and promoting mutual cooperation in the field of innovation and technological development

As a leading technology transfer company, GMV is also participating in the latest edition of this event by sharing its experience in innovation and technology transfer projects

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