Future PIn 1999 Sergey Brin, one of the two people who had created Google one year earlier, was defending his strategy in an interview criticizing Google for not milking like others the advertising potential of the then adolescent internet. Serguéi said prophetically: “If we’d wanted to sell banners, we would have called DoubleClick and we’d be profitable right now. But I see more long-term success in increasing our customer base …”.

Who would have dreamt back then that this “more long-term success” would turn Google into what it is today. This interview without doubt enshrines two crucial principles of differentiation and leading the future: a vision of the future and an unswervable conviction in and focus on the chosen strategy, knowing how to say no to anything that would make you stray from this chosen path.

Among all the thousands of projects and initiatives that are currently brewing around the world today there must surely be a small group of people blessed with great talent and driven by a vision of the future; it will be this group of people, wherever they are in the world, who will be forging the next great mold-breaking project that will become ubiquitous in our lives in the next 15 or 20 years.

When we look back at the past and see how, time after time, so much of received opinion suffers from severe shortsightedness and is not capable of identifying innovation opportunities that were there under their noses, it is only logical to wonder if the selfsame thing might be happening to us this very moment. Opportunities of innovating and leading the future are within our reach today; thousands of initiatives will founder and only a few will come up trumps in this global innovation race.

This year sees the 30th anniversary of the moment when a professor at the head of a small group of engineers founded GMV with a vision of the future, the idea of offering advanced, specialist engineering and technology solutions for the space sector.

It would have seemed to many back then that a small Spanish firm with hardly any resources or support of any kind would find it impossible to break into a sector dominated by technology giants with decades of experience behind them. But as our own experience and that of many others show, innovation is the fruit of vision-driven talent, the result of experts with bright ideas.

Example of the vision of the future that Korean brand Samsung presents

Access to information, resources and wherewithal is very important but the only essential thing is the right people. Without them and the motivation that impels them, innovation is impossible. GMV’s example shows that personal talent is the key to innovation and success. After three decades GMV has become a thousand-strong international technology conglomerate working in many different sectors; in the space sector in particular it has become the world’s number-one supplier of telecommunication-satellite control centers.

If we want to lead innovation and play a key role in the next decades’ great changes in sectors like space exploration and exploitation, mobility and transportation, security, healthcare and ICTs and their application to our daily lives, then we need to dare to take on and develop new fields, technologies and applications where success is not guaranteed.  To assume these risks, it is essential to be backed up by the determination, motivation and entrepreneurship that can be given only by a vision of the future. Only if driven by the conviction that this vision can become tomorrow’s reality, can we successfully invest today in the technologies that will change our lives in the future.

Author: Miguel Ángel Martínez

Chief Business Development & Marketing Officer

Las opiniones vertidas por el autor son enteramente suyas y no siempre representan la opinión de GMV
The author’s views are entirely his own and may not reflect the views of GMV

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