These are the best driverless cars in the world


Driverless cars are now with us and in the next few years they will be on the road in many parts of the world. These vehicles can drive themselves and will make life a bit easier for you. They’re no longer something out of a science fiction story. You want to find out more about them? Read on!!

Driverless cars – the key points

Perhaps you think that this is a new technology that has only been developed in recent years. But the fact is that the idea of the driverless car has been around for decades. In the 1940s the possibility of a car that drove itself was suggested. This would be achieved through placing rails in the tarmac, which a vehicle could follow by itself.

Current technology, however, is much more refined. Radars, cameras and laser detectors are able to make a car move by itself completely safely. They are capable of perceiving their environment, adjusting to it and driving as a human being would. For somebody who is unaware of this technology and sees it for the first time, it might seem like something magical is happening.

But don’t think that a driverless car is necessarily electric – this technology can also be easily used in petrol-driven vehicles. Nevertheless, the most likely scenario is that in the future driverless cars will be electric and connected to Internet. This means that cybersecurity  will be vital. It will be necessary to prevent DDoS attacks and the pirating of the vehicle in order to steal it, or to have firewalls to prevent “infections” from viruses. A major challenge lies ahead.

The leading driverless car brands

This autonomous technology has diversified and a list of different brands can now be drawn up. However, the United States is a major player in this field and may continue to be so in the future. That said, European manufacturers have been doing their homework for some time and are progressing towards the highest levels of automation at a good pace. These are some of the most important brands and players in the driverless car market:

  • Tesla: this is a very well-known company with great weight in the market. The quality of its systems is proven and it is making progress to overcome the obstacles that still exist. One that will be around in the future.
  • Ford: this well-known brand is ambitious, since it is expected to launch its first driverless car in 2021, although the highest levels of automation will be introduced progressively. Their vehicle will have no pedals and no steering wheel.
  • Volvo: this brand has announced that it will present its driverless car in 2021 and that it will offer self-driving level 4. The vehicle will first be marketed in Europe and China, before entering the US and Australian markets.
  • BMW: this OEM is working on the development of the driverless car with a view to having a vehicle capable of driving itself with level 3 in 2021. By then, the manufacturer will also have available the technology for level 4.
  • Uber: its dedication to the transport of persons is so strong that it’s already preparing its own self-driving car. The idea of this brand is to have a fleet of these vehicles to operate as taxis without ever stopping.

A future based on convenience

The best driverless cars are already on the road in some countries. Different brands of driverless cars are battling it out to see which of their creations will triumph, while at GMV solutions are already being proposed for the computer security problems that may arise. Contact us now!

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