The race is on

The digital transformation is here to stay; there is no going back now. Reports like the one brought out recently by IDC Research confirm that two thirds of the presidents of IBEX 35 companies regard it as a top-priority corporate strategy to have carried out the digital transformation by the end of 2017. Likewise, nearly 80% of European firms have already struck down this path and by 2018 one third of the leading companies in most of today’s European markets will have undergone far-reaching changes as new competitors throw their hat in the ring. Implementation of the third platform is a rollercoaster ride of new processes, procedures, attitudes and forms of behavior. Consumers want to see their desires come true instantly and “traditional” companies have to be ready to respond to the pace of demand, otherwise they run the risk of being gobbled up by new competitors born into the digital world. The goal is to provide one-click, customized, secure services. There is no stemming the tide now. Cloud computing, social networking sites and Big Data dictate the development of today’s business in a stage that could be dubbed the “fourth industrial revolution”. One of the overriding concerns is to generate a security scenario which, in the words of IDC España, will abandon the “fortress model” to embrace the “museum model”. This involves extending technology, data and infrastructure of the business lines to the whole organization, with the object of grouping them and lining them up with the third platform, which pools the cloud, mobility, Big Data and social networking sites.

digital transformation

This new scenario, changing dizzyingly quickly, will drive a change in the legislative status quo, responding to the new trends and setting up a framework capable of watching out for the interests and security of citizens, users … persons.

At the same time companies are duty bound to cut the time to market at all costs. For this reason they launch their products and services on the market even while knowing they will soon have to launch new debugging versions. But are the times the same for all sectors? Is it the same thing to design a ground control system for satellite operators, harden the security of a ticket dispenser, design a device for precise tumor radiation as it is to launch a travel web on the market?  

First and foremost we need to reflect on the times that quality, excellence and innovation call for. Big Data will be vital in the aforementioned transformation process, or more strictly speaking, the processing of useful data, the data that will really help decision-makers to choose one path or another. And how much time will be needed to design algorithms capable of extracting valuable information from such a maelstrom of data? How much time will it take for new data scientists to be trained up with a canny eye for discerning what really needs to be processed for obtaining valuable information? This certainly won’t be a one-click process.

Third-platform technology has opened up new possibilities for those content to browse the headlines due to lack of time to read the whole article; it has increased the decision-making power of consumers, who can now gen up on things at one click; it has boosted the job-market prowess of the demographic cohort coming of age at the turn of the century, the “millennials”; it drives ongoing business improvements … At the same time, however, companies that were not born digital but whose DNA comprises excellence, quality, innovation and security, using technology as an ally to continue evolving, may avoid being swept away by the tsunami that might on occasions seem to be unleashed by the much-vaunted digital transformation.

Author: Maole Cerezo. Marketing and Communication Consultant. GMV

Las opiniones vertidas por el autor son enteramente suyas y no siempre representan la opinión de GMV
The author’s views are entirely his own and may not reflect the views of GMV

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