2016, year in review


It’s full steam ahead for GMV. In 2016 we once more increased our turnover and we also won a record number of contracts, so now we are generating many new jobs. We already count on a staff of nearly 1500 and currently we have over 100 job vacancies published on our web site to fill in Spain, in France, in Germany, in Poland, in Romania and in the Netherlands.

GMV holds its position as the world’s number 1 in satellite control centers, we are leaders in satellite navigation and very strong in guidance, navigation and control on-board systems. We are responsible for the data processors of Europe’s main weather satellites. We have made huge strides in fields as innovative as space robotics. We collaborate in all ESA’s missions, sometimes as prime contractor, and we are increasingly competing directly with the giants of the sector. We are winning multiannual contracts worth tens of millions of euros. Witness Galileo Reference Center, a Galileo quality control infrastructure which we are going to operate in its entirety, including the building in the Netherlands from which we are going to provide the service. Galileo is starting operations and this opens up new opportunities for our software receiver and our whole range of solutions for harnessing the new services that Galileo is going to provide. Of course we are also at the forefront of new trends in the commercial telecommunications sector, such as the satellite constellation now being developed by the American company OneWeb. 648 small satellites designed to provide affordable, round-the-world internet access will be controlled by a single command and control system made by GMV.

centro controlThe ESA Ministerial Council held in early December also had satisfactory results, ensuring the ongoing participation of all the European countries in which we trade. We therefore look forward to the continuation and culmination of projects as thrilling as ExoMars and as necessary as the Earth Explorer missions.

Our subsidiaries in the UK, Romania, Poland and Germany all have grown substantially. This year we also made an important investment in Germany, acquiring a majority stake in the company Insyen based close to Munich. With a staff of 60, Insyen brings strong capabilities in the area of satellite operation services, one of the few areas in Space where GMV was not strong. Now it is.

We are also investing in new launcher developments. We just bought a small stake in PLD Space, a Spanish start-up that is developing groundbreaking reusable launchers for small satellites. The avionics will be developed by GMV.

In Defense and Security the challenge of increasing business is particularly stiff. At national level the available budgets are very limited and the barriers for selling to other countries are much higher than in other sectors. Even so, GMV has pulled it off.

This year we won an important multiannual contract with the European External Action Service in competition with companies of the stature of Leonardo and Thales. GMV will see to maintenance and development of the system used to run EU’s foreign operations. With FRONTEX we already have two framework contracts and the activity is clearly on an upward trend. With the Spanish Guardia Civil too we have secured top-level European border-surveillance contracts. Our systems set up for NATO are running perfectly and awakening interest from other member countries.

A400M_logo_GMVIn Portugal we have won a key role in the European CleanSky 2 program, especially in the field of integrated modular avionics. In Spain we are continuing to increase our aeronautics activities with Airbus, and we are responsible for the navigation systems in the two major technology programs of the Spanish MoD: the F-110 frigate and the 8×8 tank, plus other contracts.

It was also a good year for GMV in the ITC market. The situation was by no means easy: the caretaker-government situation in Spain throughout almost the whole year paralyzed purchases by government authorities. Despite this drawback we won several infrastructure projects, web developments and security-service contracts with state agencies and regional governments, well outperforming the most optimistic expectations in the circumstances.

With Vodafone we have clocked up a 20-year working relationship. We are levering growing opportunities in the financial sector, with BBVA as the standout client. Our Checker product, now ten years old, is protecting 100,000 ATMs around the world. In healthcare we are participating in European research programs involving the use of Big Data. Security is also offering new prospects for us at world level, in critical infrastructures and particularly in space clients and European and UN security agencies.

ciberseguridadThis year we found more opportunities to tender and our bids were highly successful. Out of every 4 euros we tendered for in the ICT market we won 3, so we are well stocked with new professional challenges for the incoming year.

In Transport this year we undertook far-reaching changes in our organization to boost our capabilities and competitiveness and take on an ambitious working plan. Major projects include the installation of our fleet management systems in all public buses of Cyprus and in light-rail trains in Sydney, as well as the ticket-vending machines for Santiago de Chile’s subway.

We also made another investment in the USA. After acquiring the Los Angeles company Syncromatics in 2015, we followed this up in 2016 by bringing the Wyoming company Mobilitat into the fold. The two companies together enable us to offer an across-the-board solution adapted to the important US transport market, an essential step on the way to become world leaders in the Intelligent Transportation Systems market.

autocares subus

This is only a quick sketch that leaves many important projects out of the picture. The sheer diversity of our projects makes it very hard to give an exhaustive account, but it is also part of the beauty of my work and the work of the whole GMV team. We work on cutting-edge projects that thrill us. Each step along the way we find new innovation opportunities and time fails us to do all we might do. We deliver the best possible projects because we never settle for less. And our clients show their appreciation by coming back time after time with new orders that in turn stimulate further improvement on our part. It’s full steam ahead for GMV.

Author: Mónica Martínez Walter
President of GMV

Las opiniones vertidas por el autor son enteramente suyas y no siempre representan la opinión de GMV
The author’s views are entirely his own and may not reflect the views of GMV

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