GMV to supply data services system for the UAE’s MBZ-SAT Earth observation satellite


The Mohammed Bin Rashid Space Centre (MBRSC) has awarded multinational technology company GMV a contract to develop the data services system for the UAE’s MBZ-SAT Earth observation satellite. Through this partnership, GMV will develop the satellite’s data reception, mission planning, processing, and user services system. This will be the fourth Earth observation satellite to be developed and launched by MBRSC.

MBZ-SAT is the most advanced commercial satellite in the region for high-resolution satellite imagery. Set to be launched in 2024, the satellite will feature an automated system for continuous image acquisition, processing, and cataloging. This guarantees that it will provide the highest standards of quality for satellite images specifically designed for global commercial use.

MBRSC will benefit from a suite of technical solutions and components that GMV has successfully implemented in past space missions. These GMV products include Flexplan (mission planning), Visualfocus (orbital calculation and 2D/3D visualization) and Prodigi (data processing and user services). Additionally, GMV will develop high‑resolution image processors.

The introduction of these technologies to the MBZ-SAT mission represents a significant leap forward in imaging capabilities, with the potential to more than double the resolution of images compared to previous systems. This marks a milestone for MBRSC, ensuring it remains at the forefront of space exploration and satellite imagery, ready to meet the demands of current and future missions with reliability and advanced technological support.

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