The challenges of the space sector under debate at SSSIF 2024


The space sector has gathered, once again, in the city of Malaga, which hosted the V edition of the Small Satellites & Services International Forum (SSSIF), from 20 to 22 February 2024. This meeting brought together industry experts to analyze and discuss the main challenges facing the small-satellite market and the space sector in Europe and the United States. GMV took part in the event as platinum sponsor, with the participation of several of its executives.

This year's edition, under the slogan "Lunar & Cislunar Missions & Business", focused on the analysis of exploration missions carried out on or near the lunar surface. Today, the exploration or mission industry encompasses a variety of activities, including missions to the Moon, Mars, deep space, as well as astronomy or astrophysics, and low-orbit manned spaceflight. In recent years, private exploration initiatives have also emerged, such as, for example, private space stations or missions to exploit the resources of the moon.

During the opening ceremony Enrique Fraga, GMV's Space Systems EST General Manager, spoke on the current situation of the sector and the great opportunities for the future, highlighting, among others, secure communications and satellite navigation. 

This fifth edition of SSSIF also saw the participation of other GMV representatives in various round tables. Mariella Graziano, GMV´s Space Systems EST Strategy and Business Development of Science, Exploration and Transportation Director, took part in the expert panel "Exploration with small satellites". Miguel Ángel Molina, Deputy General Manager of GMV’s Space Systems EST, was part of the panel on "Communication & Navigation Applications using SmallSatellites" and Guillermo Lamelas, CEO of Alén Space, was present at the round table "Investment, Business & Space Economy". Alberto Águeda, Director of Space Traffic Surveillance and Traffic Management of GMV's Space Systems EST, took part in the "Space Debris Mitigation & Orbit Services" roundtable.

The company also set up a stand in the exhibition area next to the two conference areas. GMV's presence at SSSIF 2024 reflects not only its experience in the satellite industry but also its commitment to innovation and research in this field, evidencing its dedication to technological development in areas such as space and telecommunications.

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