Space technology, key for the future of sustainable mobility


GMV attended the eMobility Expo World Congress in February, a flagship event about technology and sustainable transport. The EU is facing major challenges in the transport sector and due to the socioeconomic changes Europe is coping with, including inflation, among other things. The eMobility Expo World Congress, held in Valencia from 13 to 15 February, addressed the current situation of sustainable mobility and discussed current and future technological developments in this field. 

Jorge Potti, GMV's corporate strategy director, attended the event as a speaker on “The Role of Space Technology in Mobility” panel, whose objective was to discuss how space technology can contribute to sustainable transport. Potti highlighted the enormous impact of satellite navigation systems in more and more sectors of the economy, especially in transport and in road and automotive, one of the largest applications of satellite navigation, representing 30% of all global navigation satellite system applications. Space technology, GMV’s corporate strategy director underscored, is present in the navigation systems of hundreds of thousands of vehicles as well as in fleet management systems, in which GMV is also a major player. 

In the near future, Potti claimed, we will witness a boom in autonomous driving, a field for which GMV has developed a secure, high-precision positioning system with unprecedented reliability that has been adopted by BMW.  Potti also discussed the future evolution of satellite navigation systems and established gaining better precision, availability, reliability and integrity as priorities, which would entail the adoption of multi-orbit systems, including current MEO and new LEO orbits, where GMV is also working intensively. 

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