GMV and Openvia Mobility sign a collaboration agreement to develop NeoRoads


GMV and Openvia Mobility, Globalvia’s technology and innovation platform, have signed a collaboration agreement as part of Globalvia’s NeoRoads initiative, which focuses on the development of connected, safe, and sustainable highways. 

The main goal of the partnership is to jointly explore and develop solutions to meet use cases for connected highways, leveraging the V2X communications technology stack at both ends of the segment – on-road and in-vehicle – and focusing in particular on 5G-V2X cellular-based connectivity technology. 

The NeoRoads initiative seeks to provide highway operators with a complete package of services and technologies that enable them to digitalize their infrastructure, thus improving their O&M processes and adapting this infrastructure to new kinds of traffic and the ever-changing needs of end users. The main benefits of NeoRoads are as follows:

  • Optimization and streamlining of highway operations, improving the use of resources as well as decision-making and response times and increasing road safety conditions for all stakeholders: normal traffic, highway workers, vulnerable individuals, etc.
  • Adaptation to new kinds of electric and connected vehicle traffic and offering services tailored to end users’ needs. This will allow for greater enrichment of the entire mobility and infrastructure ecosystem, with technology enhancing environmental, social, and economic sustainability and also providing stakeholders with greater resilience in increasingly uncertain times and contexts.
  • Making infrastructure maintenance work more efficient and sustainable by preventing failures and addressing deficiencies before they occur.

As such, GMV will play a key role in this Openvia project when it comes to using C-V2X communications and other ITS elements as some of the enabling technologies to develop use cases, such as those having to do with road safety: roadworks ahead, cooperative maneuvers between vehicles and infrastructure, and many others that seek to revitalize and update the added value that traditional operators can offer to their highway users in the new era. V2X communications infrastructure and the services provided will also be key for providing vehicles with the highest levels of autonomous driving capabilities.

The agreement was signed on 12 January by Fernando Vallejo Lázaro, Managing Director of Openvia Mobility, and Miguel Ángel Martínez Olagüe, General Manager of GMV’s Intelligent Transportation Systems.

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