GMV at the 19th COTEC Innovation Summit


This year's COTEC Innovation Summit 2022 took place on June 28th and 29th at the Congress Center in Aveiro, Portugal.

In one place business leaders, entrepreneurs, entities of the scientific and technological system and policymakers were brought together to share experiences and discuss learning in the field of knowledge application to technological innovation in the reinvention of organizational and productive processes.

The event took place over two days and was organized around four themes: Industrialization, Sustainability, Knowledge, and Competitiveness themes which intersected with the main objective: innovation.

GMV, as an international reference for innovation in different sectors such as space, defense, and industry, among others, was present at the event.

On the first day, João Sequeira, Director of Secure e-Solutions at GMV Portugal, participated as a speaker in the panel session "A Internet Industrial e o Fator Segurança".

Innovation and Digitalization of processes were addressed as something inevitable for companies due to all the advantages they present. But they also bring risks, especially cyber risks, that have to be taken into account

Given these new risks it is of paramount importance that companies manage their cyber risks, and if they are properly contained and mitigated with the appropriate cybersecurity controls, the ROI for this digital transformation outweighs the potential risks.

This event highlighted the major changes that are taking place in the field of industrialization, sustainability, knowledge and competitiveness and what they mean for the Portuguese economy.

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