GMV at the Cyber PESCO Projects Conference


At the end of May took place the EU Cyber Resilience Challenge in Forte São Julião da Barra (Portugal). Hosted by the Ministry of Defence of Portugal with the support of the European Defence Agency and idD Portugal Defence.

This conference represented an opportunity to explore new ideas in the field of Cybersecurity and Cyber Defense.

It was divided into two main events celebrated on separate days. The first day took place the Cyber Resilience Conference under the PESCO Projects which offered a forum for presenting and discussing new ideas, solutions, and dual-use technological capabilities.

GMV as an expert in the area, opened the 5th-panel "EU_NATO Cooperation in the cyber domain (Strategy and Reality)" to talk about its experience in Cyber projects and how it is contributing to the European effort. From all relevant projects, PANDORA and CDTEXP were exposed to highlight GMV´s intervention in Cyber Resilience Effort and introduced the panel to discuss the European strategy.

On the second day, the passage of the CDTEXP project from EDA to CAIH (Cyber Academia Innovation Hub) took part. During this event, the Cyber Defence Training & Exercise Coordination Platform (CDTEXP), developed by GMV over the last 5 years, was presented.

In this presentation, GMV had the opportunity to show the advancements made in the CDTEXP Platform and shared that id already in its second development. The first version allows access to a central node where several courses related to cyber defense can be held. Each course is part of a career that enables each student to acquire different competencies.

In the second phase of CDTEXP new features are now available, highlighting the possibility of having several system nodes, each one installed in a different country, allowing students to connect to different instances without ever losing the route already taken so far.

The second version of the CDTEXP also allows connection to the Cyber Range Federation training system. Integration with other European Cyber Defence Schools is expected in the future.

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