Advanced solutions for connected autonomous vehicles


Connected Autonomous Vehicle

  • GMV Automotive is your partner for Connected and Autonomous Vehicle solutions. What makes us unique is our great expertise in key technologies and the synergies with other GMV directorates such as Space, ITS and Cybersecurity.
  • More than 15 years’ experience in Automotive.
  • Over 4 million vehicles incorporate our Telematics solutions.

Connected & Autonomous vehicle solutions

  • Compatible up to SAE L3 systems.
  • QM & ASIL B versions available (ISO 26262).
  • Multiconstellation & Multifrequency: GPS, Galileo, Beidou & Glonass.
  • RTCM-SSR PPP messages with enhanced fast convergence.
  • Bandwidth Optimisation: Configurable Data tiling capacity among others
  • Compatible with main Automotive Grade components: Rx, IMU, Antennas, ECU, etc.
  • Cybersecurity mechanisms against Jamming & Spoofing attacks among others.
  • 2 components: Correction Service & Positioning Engine.

GMV PECS Solution Strenghts:

  • Built on top of more than 30 years of experience in GNSS
  • Ready-to-use solution
  • Highly precise & safe solution with patented algorithms > PL Calculation
  • Compliance with requirements from OEMs & TIER Is.


  • Propietary embedded patented algorithms.
  • Gap-bridging algorithms for quick reconvergence after GNSS signal outages.
  • High demanding sub-decimeter accuracy < 10 cm RMS.
  • Safety monitors & PL Calculation built-in for integrity risk (TIR) up to 10-7 per hour (target) > configurable.
  • Compatible with AUTOSAR, AGL, GDP and others.
  • Outputs: position, speed and track angle & PL among others.
  • < ASIL-B safety processor.
  • GMV owned GNSS Global Network stations: SLA > 99,9 % (redundancy).
  • GNSS Regional Network stations: fast enhanced convergence < 30s.
  • Compatible with RTK (SSR2OSR conversor from PPP to RTK - PE).
  • Service operated by GMV 24/7.
  • Corrections Update Rate: 1 sec – 1 min (configurable).

GMV solutions are designed to detect and mitigate attacks against electronic control units (ECU), such as telematics control units, infotainment systems, gateways, keyless access ECUs, and all internal vehicle communications.

We have a proprietary intrusion detection and prevention system (IDPS) designed to protect all vehicle communications, both wireless and wired.

GMV also offers patented software solutions to protect all layers of communication in connected autonomous vehicles.

Our cybersecurity team combines experience in security with extensive experience in the automotive and information security sectors.


GMV follows the security by design principle, as in each step of the project life cycle – from specifications to validation – it evaluates cybersecurity exactly and applies meticulous planning to check penetration.

GMV offers the following cybersecurity services:

  • Vulnerability analysis and mitigation plan
  • Advanced penetration tests
  • Cyber intelligence services through continuous monitoring of the dark/deep web
  • Zero days detection
  • Forensic analysis

GMV is privileged to have a Computer Security Incident Response Team (CSIRT) with CERT accreditation.


GMV has over 15 years of experience in the development of hardware for automotive platforms:

  • Value added to the development of integrated software
  • Highly complex products: design, integration, validation, and certification
  • Experience in the development of remote control and connectivity modules (GNSS, emergency calls, fleet management, remote services, etc.)
  • Certified for the automotive sector
  • Compatibility with mobile networks: 2G/3G/4G/LTE
  • Interface and protocols: Wi-Fi, BT, BLE, Ethernet, CAN, CAN-FD, USB and NFC

Development of critical integrated security software

  • Software development capabilities:
    • Streamline software development
    • Compatibility with AUTOSAR
    • Capacity to comply with the ASIL (automotive safety integrity level)
    • Integrated software for ECU (TCU, infotainment, gateway, etc.)
    • Full stack developers
    • HMI/UX/UI design 
    • Flexible interaction models
  • Software suite:
    • Complete solution for connected vehicles
    • Integrated software for ECU (TCU, infotainment, gateway, etc.)
    • Experience in regulation and certification: eCall (Europe), ERA GLONASS (Russia), SVT DENATRAN (Brazil), and HELPNET (Japan)
    • Experience in remote services and diagnostics

C-Roads European Platform for C-ITS Services:

  • SOP 2017 & EOP 2021 (Evaluation Phase)
  • Between vehicles & infrastructure (V2I)
  • Pilots with GMV development:
    • Madrid (located in Calle 30) & Portugal: 802.11p/ITS-G5
    • DGT (Spain’s Traffic Authority) 3.0 & NAP Portugal: Cellular (3G/4G)
  • GMV Applications: C-ITS HUB, RSU & vehicles (Smartphone-HMI & OBU-V2X)
  • Services and Use Cases developed: Hazardous Locations Notification (HLN), Road Works Warning (RWW), V16 & VMS (DGT 3.0), etc.
  • Next deployments in C-Streets Project (C-V2X) for urban environment: SOP 2020 & EOP 2023

 GMV V2X Communications Strenghts:

  • Integration with our GNSS PECS algorithms & Use cases for Autonomous Driving.
  • Application layers developed at every element of the V2X ecosystem.
  • Experience with multiple Services & Use Cases.
  • Cooperation with OEMs & TIER Is.
  • Extension of C-ITS services with our GNSS based eTolling services.



Private Corporate Carsharing/Carpooling:

  • GNSS based services: Localisation, booking, door locking & unlocking & real-time monitoring.
  • Smartphone / OBU based.
  • Projects:
    • European RemoUrban: City Council of Valladolid (Spain)
    • Linea Directa & Alphabet (City Council of Gijón (Spain)

Road User Charging/eTolling & Urban Access control (LEZ):

HOV (High Occupancy Vehicle) declaration:

 GMV Mobility services Strenghts:

  • Extensive portfolio including Urban Access Control/LEZ, Road User Charging, User Based Insurance, User Driving Profile, eParking (off-Street), …
  • Flexibility for integration with other GMV services such as V2X communications & PECS, …
  • Possibility to be embedded in Vehicle’s infotainment.


Some of our R&D projects

Most Notable Automotive Sector Projects

Our contribution on R&D Projects for casharing, GNSS based solutions and Cooperative services:

- Temporary use of vehicles (car sharing): Alphabet, Línea Directa, Remourban

- GNSS based services: CITIES TimanfayaDrive On TEXPRESS HOVEscapeSatelise

- Cooperative services: C-Streets (C-Roads platform continuation for urban environments)

- Security: HeERO2 (eCall), I_HeERO (eCall), SafeCOP

- Validation tests for AD: Enable S-3

Customers, Collaborations & Partnerships

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