GMV establishes a permanent Brussels Office


GMV, boasting a strong EU footprint and established companies in seven member states, has now become the sixth biggest space employer among the large industrial groups. To match this growth, the company has announced the establishment of a permanent Brussels office to reinforce the dialog with the EU and to enable a continuous and constructive communication with the various institutions and stakeholders, doing so with the aim of shaping and implementing the EU agenda, and addressing the important challenges and opportunities of GMV’s main business activities today: Space, Defence, IT and Transportation.

GMV’s Brussels office will work in close cooperation with EU institutions, in particular the European Commission, the Council of the EU, the European Parliament and EU Agencies. The new office will also liaise with national Permanent Representations to the EU and the Committee of Permanent Representatives, in order to bring company and sectorial views into the decision-making process. GMV will also work locally together with industrial partners, industrial associations, and local government to seek the best way of contributing to the growth of the sectors the company operates in.

GMV is a key contributor of EU Space flagship programs such as Galileo, Copernicus, SST, Govsatcom, Horizon Europe, with a strong role in implementation of Security and Defence agendas, particularly in the European Defence Funds (EDFs). From its Brussels office, the company will bring local presence to strengthen communication and coordination with EU on ongoing programs and new initiatives such as the Secure Connectivity Constellation, Quantum Encrypted Communications and Space Traffic Management.

The office located in the heart of the European Quarter in Brussels will be also be a place for stakeholders to meet up and swap views on EU industrial policy and programs.


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