Space solutions

At GMV, we put our minds and knowledge at the service of our Space customers to provide them with the best possible solutions to meet their needs. After 30 years working side by side with our customers, GMV has established a reputation as a reliable and proactive partner. We work closely with our customers to look for innovative solutions that not only add value, but also help our customers meet the continuous challenges that the Space Industry faces.

Throughout these years, GMV has had the opportunity to work with and supply systems, products and supporting services to Space Agencies, satellite operators and satellite manufacturers worldwide. Our systems and Space applications are also serving the needs of an increasing community of users in different activity sectors.

Our position in the market as a key player has been driven by our vision to work with our customers as partners to deliver the solutions they need. We do this through innovation, careful attention and flexibility to adapt and respond to our customers' evolving needs, a commitment to quality and an excellent team.

Our customers rely upon our capabilities and our deep knowledge to address the challenges that are inherent to the highly specialized and technological Space market.

GMV provides products, services and solutions to meet the needs of our Space market customers in a wide array of areas: