GMV joins the Spanish Smart Roads Forum

Smart Roads

Starting in February 2022, GMV has joined the initiative of the Spanish Highway Association known as the “Spanish Smart Roads Forum”, a platform that defines and optimizes the highways necessary for the sustainable mobility of the future.

This initiative, with over 60 participating public and private entities, aims to create a working and discussion space for information and communication technologies, autonomous driving, connected vehicles, artificial intelligence, Big Data and the Internet of Things (IoT) as part of the new developments and applications that are a reality today, or will be in the short term, on our public roads.

The focus is on these technologies, which will make it possible to improve traffic management and control, safety, convenience and travel efficiency, as well as reducing fuel consumption, reducing emissions and more.

The Spanish Highway Association (AEC) is an organization that has worked from the beginning to defend and promote highways. Their aim is to achieve safer, higher-quality roadways. In today’s context, the AEC has initiated a smart roads forum that will act as a place for the key players in the area of mobility to come together.

By joining the Spanish Smart Roads Forum, GMV seeks to strengthen its commitment to technology applied to achieving safer, more efficient and more environmentally friendly mobility, offering its vision to the industry.

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