GMV strengthens its commitment to university talent


On 23 and 24 April GMV's Lisbon and Tres Cantos offices opened their doors to welcome two of the student teams sponsored by the company: Aerotéc and UPM Racing, in a meeting between university students and professionals of the technology industry. The main purpose of both meetings was to support university projects that bring students closer to the professional environment and allow them to develop practical skills.

These sponsorships, promoted by GMV, are designed to boost innovation and cross-sector collaboration while giving students the chance to explore the professional world and gain experience in real projects.

During the GMV Open Day held in Portugal on April 23, Aerotéc's cluster of aerospace engineering students had the chance to immerse themselves in GMV's corporate culture and find out in detail about some of the groundbreaking projects developed by the company. The students presented two of their projects: the RED project, focused on rocket experimentation for scientific and educational purposes, and the ATLAS project, centered on the design of optimized aircraft with autonomous capabilities and vision systems.

As part of its collaboration with UPM Racing, GMV welcomed the team members to its Tres Cantos head office. UPM Racing, a project developed by students of the Universidad Politécnica de Madrid, has an outstanding track record in the international SAE Formula Student competition, which deals with engineering applied to the automotive sector. During their visit the students presented the single-seater vehicle designed and developed by themselves, while various colleagues from different GMV units shared with them outstanding projects in areas such as space and robotics.


This collaboration between GMV and the student teams not only fosters the development of students' technical skills but also strengthens the links between academia and industry, thus promoting an integral training of the talent of the future. GMV reaffirms its commitment to innovation, education and interdisciplinary collaboration as the cornerstones of technological progress and socioeconomic development.

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