Transforming logistics efficiency with uPathWay

Transformación de la eficiencia logística con uPathWay de GMV

Ángel C. Lázaro, the head of Robotics and Automation for GMV’s Industry Sector, made a lasting impression on the “Empack and Logistics & Automation” event in Bilbao when he presented the innovative uPathWay solution. This GMV-developed solution has positioned itself as the driver of digital transformation for companies that are seeking to redefine their logistics efficiency in an increasingly sustainability-focused world.

In his talk, organized by HispaRob, Lázaro broke down how uPathWay not only optimizes fleet management, but also catalyzes the digital transformation process to achieve optimal service/product distribution planning, organization, and management. From inventory management to distribution process optimization through its intuitive and automated platform, uPathWay is emerging as a comprehensive solution that covers all the crucial aspects of the logistics chain and has a positive impact on sustainability.

The “Empack and Logistics & Automation” trade fair has become a hub where operational efficiency meets environmental responsibility. With over 70 brands exhibiting and 50 experts giving presentations, the event explored synergies between efficiency and sustainability.

Ángel C. Lázaro’s notable contribution highlights GMV's commitment to innovation and excellence in the logistics industry. uPathWay is more than a technological solution; it’s companies’ gateway to efficiency, sustainability, and the promising future of smart logistics in the digital age.

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