GMV improves the navigation performance of over 4,000 airports


The European Organization for the Safety of Air NavigationEUROCONTROL, has awarded to the multinational technology company GMV a contract for the evolution of AUGUR, a free service for pilots, airspace users, and air navigation service providers. 

AUGUR is a web-based service that makes it possible to predict the availability of the GPS+RAIM (Receiver Autonomous Integrity Monitoring) navigation solution for a wide range of air operations The RAIM processing algorithm, standardized and incorporated into most aeronautical GPS receivers, makes it possible to check the integrity of GPS satellite signals by exploiting the redundancy of measurements offered by the current constellation. Although only four satellites in view are needed to calculate the position and time of the aircraft, the current GPS constellation has 31 active satellites, meaning that the receivers are getting signals from more than four satellites most of the time. The RAIM technique takes advantage of these additional measurements to check the integrity of the satellites, thus making sure that the position obtained is correct within the alarm limits established for each operation.

Within the framework of the new project, GMV will lead all phases related to the development of the new AUGUR services, including definition of requirements, design, implementation, verification, validation, and software deployment. Throughout the process of designing, developing, and validating the new version, which will be available in May 2025, GMV will also continue to provide the current services, ensuring they are not interrupted.

In addition to improving service performance, this evolution of AUGUR will provide better graphic capabilities and allow for greater integration with external tools and services. End users will see immediate benefits, since the improvement of graphic capabilities is closely tied to simplified decision-making and event investigation, shortening response time in operational tasks. 


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