Looking ahead to the next satellite era at SmallSat Symposium 2024


GMV was once again present at SmallSat Symposium, one of the world’s leading events in the field of small satellites, which held its ninth edition from 6 to 8 February in Silicon Valley, Mountain View, California. With the theme “Key Connections and Insights For The Next Evolution in SmallSats,” the conference brought together experts from public, private, and governmental organizations to analyze and predict the changes that will transform the SmallSats market in 2024, guaranteeing its continued success.

This 2024 is set to be a pivotal year for SmallSats, with several experts predicting significant changes in this sector, as well as an overall economic environment full of new prospects. 

The conference provided a platform for open communication and gaining critical insight, key elements for the future of SmallSats, which now make up approximately 95% of all satellites launched. The program covered a wide range of subjects, including the market, regulatory aspects, investment in SmallSats, and emerging technologies such as the Internet of Things, in-space services, megaconstellations, machine learning, and cloud computing.

As a global leader in the satellite ground control market, GMV took advantage of this opportunity to participate in the conference with its own stand, where it showcased the company’s product lines for satellite control (Hifly), flight dynamics (FocusSuite), mission planning (Flexplan), ground station monitoring and control (Magnet), payload management (Smart Payload), collision avoidance services (Focusoc), and data processing services (Prodigi).

As is the case every year, the conference offered an invaluable opportunity to discuss the future of the industry, as hundreds of SmallSat projects are currently underway and significant growth in the market is expected in the short term.

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