Cyberdefense and cybersecurity in a virtual world that affects us all


The Official Spanish Association of Physicians (COFIS) organized a virtual roundtable as part of the activities on the “Professional army of Spanish physicians in the area of defense and public safety”, conducted in collaboration with the Spanish Ministry of Defense and the Complutense University of Madrid’s School of Physical Sciences. The event was aimed primarily at students studying science degrees (especially Physics), recent graduates in scientific disciplines, active physicians, and the general public with ties to science interested in learning about this professional area at the service of the public.

GMV Business Partner Ángel Gavín Alarcón posed the challenges facing defense and security in cyberspace. In his presentation, he spoke about some of the challenges we are facing in this modern warfare, which have a significant impact on daily life for the different players in the global world. For example, he mentioned cyber-resilience, referring to our ability to adapt and continue to function in situations of risk to understand how to recompose ourselves in the event of the cyberattacks against us in the past and in the future, or the smart autonomous systems, where we need to be able to protect ourselves against cyberthreats directed at the autonomous vehicles. But these are just some of the challenges we need to consider today. Ángel also mentioned other concepts such as the integration of old systems in our business with new technologies to adapt to the digital transformation, threat intelligence to share information among different parties to learn how to defend ourselves, information credibility and integrity to fight disinformation (“fake news”), the digital twins to make replicas and simulations to analyze how to protect ourselves, the need to manage security in the supply chain to protect everything from raw materials to end products, and training actions specialized in Cyberdefense and Cybersecurity to be ready for this new global and digital world.



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