Westchester County, NY selects GMV to provide Transit Technology Upgrade on 325 buses


Westchester County is home to a diverse population of more than 1 million people, with rail and bus connections into New York City. Following a competitive procurement, the County selected GMV to upgrade its transit technology platform to deliver more efficient service, better oversight of operations and improve the customer experience on Bee Line buses. GMV has more than 25 years of experience delivering technology solutions for buses and trains in places like Los Angeles, Barcelona, Warsaw and Sydney, and the company is excited to bring this technology to New York.

On each Bee Line bus, the company will install the GMV Hub, a rugged vehicle computer that is specifically designed and built by GMV for transit systems to ensure robust performance and long service life. The GMV Hub uses an open architecture to control a range of onboard systems including GPS, bus operator touchscreen, automatic passenger counters, next stop announcements and a dedicated sensor for precision tracking in indoor bus depots. The GMV Hub also functions as a digital video recorded (DVR) to store footage from security cameras on each bus. This multifunction device significantly reduces the project’s equipment cost and delivers great value to the County.

ITS Suite is GMV’s cloud native software that delivers a suite of applications from GMV and its partners to enhance the County’s visibility and control of their bus operations. Each app is focused on a key transit function, and all apps are integrated for real-time data exchange: 

  • Planning and scheduling software will generate an optimized set of routes and schedules to serve customers as efficiently as possible and reduce operating costs. 
  • Dispatch software enables control center staff to monitor the entire fleet and take quick action to keep buses moving. 
  • Garage management software will choreograph bus movements inside the depots to ensure vehicles are ready for service.
  • Video management software enables live remote viewing of bus cameras and secure storage and playback of video evidence.

GMV “plays well with others,” and this philosophy enables the company to deliver best in class products from third-party partners in a single, coordinated solution. A modern technical architecture built on cloud computing, microservices, and application program interfaces (APIs) makes this collaboration possible, and GMV’s project management skills ensure successful delivery. 

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Source URL: https://www.gmv.com/communication/news/westchester-county-ny-selects-gmv-provide-transit-technology-upgrade-325-buses