GMV presents its quantum computing projects at Quantum CARLA as a leading example of a groundbreaking company

GMV presenta en Quantum CARLA sus proyectos de computación cuántica como referente de empresa innovadora

The “Quantum CARLA: Quantum Careers Symposium” event brought together leading experts in quantum computing, including Ana María Sánchez Montero, head of the Quantum Computing Section at GMV. During the Industry Panel, Ana María gave an overview of her exciting professional career: over the course of her 15 years with GMV, she's gone from working with Earth observation satellites that protect our environment and fight climate change to working in other sectors with different kinds of projects, including in her current role at the Artificial Intelligence and Big Data Division.

She emphasized that GMV is a company that values innovation, which is why it’s committed to quantum computing, and specifically mentioned the CUCO project, coordinated by GMV. CUCO is a pioneering initiative breaking new ground in quantum computing nationally and within businesses since 2021. It seeks to advance the state of the art of quantum algorithms and apply this knowledge to a series of proofs of concept in various strategic sectors, such as energy, finance, space, defense, and logistics. The CUCO project has received funding from the Center for the Development of Industrial Technology (CDTI) and is supported by the Spanish Ministry of Science and Innovation as part of the Recovery, Transformation and Resilience Plan. This initiative not only boosts technological progress in Spain but also demonstrates the commitment of the government and institutions to developing quantum computing and applying it in key strategic sectors.

In summary, Ana María Sánchez Montero’s speech gave inspiring insight into how GMV is leading the way in the research and application of quantum computing, with groundbreaking projects such as CUCO that promise to transform the way we address challenges in various industrial fields. Her presentation not only emphasized why GMV is a great company to work for but also highlighted the company’s commitment to innovation and technological development in emerging fields such as quantum computing.  

The Quantum Careers Symposium is organized by the European Quantum Flagship, the DigiQ EU program and the Master's in Quantum Science & Technology and is inspired by the CARLA project, an EU project that has worked with 100 industry and academic professionals, innovation experts and entrepreneurs, researchers, and students, as well as experts and activists in different aspects of diversity and inclusion to create events of excellence around careers in different scientific and technological fields. These events seek to encourage university students and young researchers to pursue Deep Tech careers in fields such as photonics and quantum technologies. CARLA events bring together industry, academics, innovation, and entrepreneurship, with a special focus on fostering diversity.

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