GMV renews key contract with German GSSAC and will develop the EU SST catalogue


Since 2021, GMV is in charge of the maintenance and evolution of the operational mission and cataloguing system for the German Space Situational Awareness Center (GSSAC), located in Uedem, Germany.

GMV has recently been honored with an extension of that contract from the German Space Agency (DLR) for a duration of three years. GMV will continue updating the GSSAC Mission System (GMS) to answer the future needs of an advanced processing infrastructure in terms of performances and scalability, based on the experience and skills of GMV in this domain.

In the frame of this contract GMV will be responsible for the updates (in terms of robustness, redundancy, operability…) required to deliver the operational EU SST catalogue in the second half of 2024. It will then become the operational cataloguing system of the EU SST, being at the center of the services provided by the partnership. Apart from achieving that goal,GMV engineers´ team  will continue developing other capacities in the space surveillance domain which will increase the performance and capabilities of the cataloguing system.

GMV will work in this activity with a team of people working from Munich and Darmstadt in Germany and from Madrid in Spain.

In total, GMV leads EU SST contracts in five countries (Spain, France, Germany, Poland and Romania) and has additional contracts and capabilities in the field of the space surveillance in the UK, Portugal and USA. More than 100 GMV engineers work in SSA/SST activities in GMV, which makes us the biggest industrial team in this domain in Europe. 

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