Expansion of Equipment and Features in Onboard User Information and TMB Surveillance Systems


Following the contract in November 2021 for onboard user information and video surveillance systems for a fleet of 1170 vehicles, Transports Municipal de Barcelona (TMB), once again turned to GMV for an additional supply at the end of 2022. And again in October 2023, they have chosen the company to expand the supply, bringing the total investment to nearly 12 million euros.

The system, consisting of the onboard architecture that serves the set of systems through a versatile CPU, manages user information and the video surveillance system. Firstly, user information is provided through 29" and 21” panoramic screens that display information about the next stop, connections with other lines, recommendation messages, and the progress thermometer on the line with the next three stops. Soon, the screens will also show the transfer time in interchange areas, transportation incidents (in more of a visual thermometer view), the time remaining to the next three stops, and finally, points of interest near stops, such as shops, cinemas, theaters, hotels, and more. This onboard information is complemented by sound information for visually impaired people, activated by an ONCE device. 

As for the video surveillance system, it includes interior cameras, exterior cameras, and cameras to record license plates and monitor bus lanes. Functionally, the system records all images from the cameras, and in the medium term, the cameras will enable intelligent video analysis for passenger counting, searches for lost objects, alerts for fallen passengers, and the construction of origin/destination matrices.

This recent contract reinforces the excellent results of the initial project, further strengthening GMV’s position as a leading provider in ITS for TMB as one of the world's leading transportation operators.

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