GMV delivers intelligence sharing capability to Swiss Armed Forces


Under a contract with Systematic GmbH, GMV is providing the Coalition Shared Database (CSD) capability required by the Swiss Armed Forces as part of its intelligence system upgrade (Project AFIS) to share intelligence products with other NATO countries. 

The solution is based on GMV’s CSD Sierra product, which implements the STANAG 4559 AEDP-17 interoperability standard (IPL: Intelligence Products Library). Thanks to this solution, the Swiss Armed Forces are able to catalog and archive their intelligence products and exchange them with other countries via the NATO coalition and allied countries. To this end, GMV is also providing a module to ensure the dissemination of information between security domains (X-Domain) by integrating CSD Sierra with Koch IT’s Unidirectional Data Gateway (UDG).

As part of this project, in addition to supplying the CSD Sierra system itself, GMV is offering technical consultancy, both for the design of the architectural solution and for the system’s security accreditation, as well as during deployment and the various phases of test validation (in factory, integration, and system acceptance). In August, the system successfully passed the system acceptance tests (SAT) ahead of the final SAT (including X-Domain capability) scheduled for February 2024.

The project is part of GMV’s Joint Intelligence Surveillance and Reconnaissance (JISR) initiative, which the company has been working on for more than a decade. The JISR initiative synchronizes and integrates the planning and operation of all information collection capabilities with those of exploitation and processing, and the dissemination of the resulting information to the right recipient, at the right time and in the right format.

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