GMV celebrates successful launching of the Amazonas Nexus satellite


On Monday, at 8:32 PM local time (2:32 AM in Spain), Hispasat’s Amazonas Nexus satellite was successfully launched from Cape Canaveral, Florida. This high‑performance geostationary satellite will be used to provide high‑speed Internet access throughout the Americas, as well as along the north and south Atlantic flight corridors and in locations as remote as Greenland and the Amazon rainforest.

Although the original Sunday launch time had to be postponed because of poor weather conditions, the satellite was launched on Monday aboard a SpaceX Falcon 9 rocket, representing an investment of €300 million.

The satellite will allow the latest generation of telecommunications services to be provided on the Ku band, for in‑flight connectivity services in North and South America and the Atlantic region. It also features Ka‑band capacity, to optimize communications between gateways and the satellite. This is a way of multiplying the total onboard capacity available for commercial use, which greatly improves the per-unit cost for that capacity when compared to traditional satellites.

GMV’s participation in the project includes supply of the control center and flight dynamics system, installation of a new ground station for this satellite in Rio de Janeiro, a new satellite tracking and positioning system, and various ground equipment elements. The company has also provided a new control and management system for all of the ground stations being used to control the Hispasat fleet.

Another aspect of this launch worth highlighting is its ability to drive economic development in the communities being served. By improving connectivity in rural and remote areas, new business and employment opportunities will be created, which will in turn help spur economic growth in a variety of regions.

Launching of the Amazonas Nexus satellite represents an important milestone for the space industry, because it marks the start of a new phase in satellite communications, while also reinforcing the industry’s commitment to using technology to improve the lives of people.

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