Madrid promotes the latest technological advancements

Charla Semana Ciencia e Innovación

From November 1-14, the Region of Madrid organized the “XXI Madrid Science and Innovation Week” through the Fundación para el Conocimiento madri+d (Foundation for Knowledge madri+d). This edition was held under the theme “Science for the great challenges of humanity”.

The initiative, to show the scientific and technological advances that are being carried out throughout the territory, offered more than 1,300 free activities in 40 municipalities in the region where the goals to achieve the European Green Pact were promoted, with the dual aim of reducing social inequality and combating climate change.

These activities aimed to involve citizens in science, technology and innovation, to encourage scientific vocations among young people and to promote a culture of science and innovation in society.

GMV once again collaborated in these activities, participating as a speaker in the informative talk “Space debris: Why should it concern us? What can we do about it?” organized by the Universidad Carlos III in Madrid.

The talk was about the earth’s orbital space’s current situation, where there are millions of marble-sized objects (mostly made of steel or aluminum) resulting from satellite collisions and explosions. Under this premise, it was presented how space debris also affects the ordinary citizen and the need to protect orbital space from future space missions’ impacts.

In addition, coinciding with this science and innovation initiative, GMV opened its doors to high school students from the IES Santa Eugenia school in Madrid to bring them closer to the professional operations of tech-sector companies and awaken in them a scientific-tech interest.


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