Innovation and digitalization, two drivers of today’s agriculture


Innovation, digitalization and sustainability are all set to be key features of future farming. We have to be able to change our ways of farming, tapping into technology and harnessing all available data, in other words, farm smartly.

GMV’s third-day speech at AgroExpo, a meeting point for the farming sector organized by the Tradefair Institution of Extremadura (Institución Ferial de Extremadura: FEVAL), centered on innovation and the phasing in of new technology as the mainstays of smart farming. First up, Miguel Hormigo, Industry Manager talked about the smart farming solutions GMV has been working on recently: AI to classify images, operational and predictive maintenance, sensor development and integration of IoT networks for traceability and specific needs, process automation and robotics, etc. Next up, Antonio Tabasco, head of remote-sensing and geospatial analysis, focused on WINEO as a fine example, the advanced geospatial data analysis service to support decision-making in agriculture.

Wineo processes and integrates data from many different sources (agro-climatic data, satellite images and IoT sensor technology) using an advanced data-based, crop-modeling, machine-learning strategy. This provides a field-analysis smart layer to support design of fertilizer campaigns, crop-growth monitoring, irrigation recommendations and precise yield estimates, plus decision-making based on objective data.


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