Women making history


In October, GMV and the association Women in Aerospace Europe held a virtual meeting open to the public entitled “Women making history: a career with GMV” to bring GMV’s projects and the organization's future career prospects closer together. This session aimed to raise the visibility of women professionals in the space sector as female role models in the technology sector and promote equality between men and women in STEM-related jobs.

Amaya Atencia, Division Head Mission Data Systems and Products of GMV´s Space Systems EST sector, and Inés Sánchez, Spacecraft Operations Engineer of GMV´s Space Systems EST sector, shared both their trajectory in the space sector and the vocations that led them to become the professionals they are today. Magdalena Kalinowska, from GMV's Talent Recruitment Department, explained GMV's job opportunities in the different business areas of the organization to the audience and how to apply for them.

After the talk, attendees had the chance to share their concerns and questions with the speakers. During this question-and-answer session, discussions were sparked off on topics such as career opportunities for professionals with work experience, for whom GMV also has open vacancies in cutting-edge projects.

GMV has been a member of Women in Aerospace Europe since 2021. The mission of this non-profit association is both to advance the visibility and leadership of women in the aerospace sector and to promote this sector in society. One of GMV's main tasks, in line with the objectives of Women in Aerospace Europe, is to encourage interest in scientific and technological areas to boost potential in STEM education and contribute to scientific and technological progress in the workplace.

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