GMV collaborates in enerTIC’s 9th Smart Energy Reference Guide


For yet another year GMV has collaborated in the Smart Energy Reference Guide. The 9th in the series bears the suffix “Technology for improving energy efficiency“ (Guía de Referencia Smart Energy "Tecnología para la mejora de la Eficiencia Energética). Under the title "Good practices, solutions, 100 fundamental providers and trends in 2020", the guide, drawn up by the enerTIC Platform, gives a wide-ranging picture of the potential of technology transformation in the field of energy efficiency and sustainability.

This year’s guide looks closely at the impact of digital transformation as a major phenomenon in today’s society, stressing the boosting of competitiveness and sustainability on the strength of new technology trends, with sights set on achieving the Sustainable Development Goals by 2030.

Among many other items the guide includes interviews with executives from various sectors while expert groups from the enerTIC Platform look at the trends for 2020. Miguel Hormigo, Industry Manager of GMV’s Secure e-Solutions sector, gave his own expert view, arguing that «from the digitalization point of view, groundbreaking technologies applicable to imminent new business models will come into their own. Notable examples might be immersive systems to change traditional teleworking systems, improved telecommunications to boost quality and user experience, intelligent sensorization for IoT-based decision-making and hyperautomation, i.e., the quest for intelligent automation (Robotics and AI) of any improvable process to reduce human presence in working environments».

The guide is rounded out with executive summaries of sector-based reports plus a compilation of articles, news and the year’s burning issues. In short, a key document for executives leading technology strategies, innovation, operations and sustainability to find out the latest breakthroughs and technological solutions with the biggest impact on competitiveness and efficiency.

Download the 9th Smart Energy Reference Guide (Spanish)


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