GMV features among the intraoperative radiotherapy TOP 10


According to the latest worldwide market research carried out by Apex Market Research, GMV ranks as an innovating firm among the intraoperative radiation therapy (IORT) Top 10. The companies included in this Apex Market Research ranking are those whose products have displayed substantial innovations in comparison to their competitors.

IORT is a high precision method of administering during the surgery itself a single, targeted high-radiotherapy dose to the tumor bed/microscopic residue or, in the case of unresectable tumors, to the macroscopic tumor. This single dose is targeted directly at the bed to be irradiated without affecting the surrounding healthy tissue.

The growth of the global IORT market is being driven by 3 main factors: the rising incidence of cancer, technological advances and the advantages offered by IORT applications. Apex’s study shows that the IORT market will add up to 67.8 million dollars by 2024, with a CAGR of 7% from 2019 to 2024.

GMV ranks among the worldwide leaders on the strength of its inhouse IORT planner called Radiance™ and its commercial alliances with other market leaders like Carl Zeiss, Meditec AG (Germany) and IntraOp Medical Corporation (USA).

Radiance™ is the world’s only radiosurgery planner

Radiance™ improves IORT safety, giving clinicians a complete analysis of the patient beforehand. This enables them to make crucial decisions before the surgery, identifying the optimum treatment adapted to suit each particular case (personalized, translational medicine).

Its groundbreaking software provides all necessary data for previous documentation of the surgery to be carried out, calculating the exact parameters to be applied by the clinician in the operating theater before going ahead with the surgery. It also provides high-quality multiplanar (MPR) images and a 3D view of the patient, allowing a simulated display beforehand of the treatment results.

The precision and optimization of Radiance™ makes the treatment more efficient, effective and safe while also cutting down the number of post-surgery hospital visits needed for each patient treated, helping to make the health system more sustainable. Tumor resection is carried out directly in the operating theater, ensuring the precision of the result. In many cases no external radiotherapy is necessary at all. As things stand today, unfortunately, three out of every 10 patients needing radiotherapy never actually receive it, either due to a shortage of equipment or their geographical distance from that equipment. There are cases of patients who have to travel 200 kilometers every day to receive the treatment. Single-dose IORT administration in the operating theater helps to alleviate this situation.

Radiance™ also helps to reduce the relapse risk in a good number of tumors, such as brain tumors, rectum cancer, sarcomas and breast cancer, while its palliative value is important too in difficult-to-treat cancers like pancreatic cancer or in any relapses that might eventually occur.

IORT offers a whole host of advantages. Patients are saved daily journeys to the hospital during the treatment time, lasting only three to five weeks depending on the type of tumor. This has a positive knock-on effect on physical and mental health and quality of life. Patients are exposed to fewer hospital visits and also fewer sessions of external radiotherapy in certain cases, such as early breast cancer with favorable prognosis; secondary effects on surrounding healthy tissue are minimized too. The most recent publication of the long-term results (12 years monitoring) of the clinical trial TARGIT shows a lower death rate from illnesses unrelated to the tumor under treatment.

Where has Radiance™ been taken up?

Collaborating with GMV in the evaluation of Radiance™ is Mannheim University Hospital (Germany), el Hospital Doctor Negrín (Las Palmas, Spain), Oncopôle (Toulouse, France), Weill Cornell Medical College, UCSF (University of California in San Francisco), Ohio State University and Loyola Medical Center (Chicago, USA).

Radiance™ has been taken up by Spanish hospitals like Hospital Universitario de Gran Canaria Doctor Negrín (Las Palmas), Hospital Provincial (Castellón), Hospital de La Luz (Madrid), Hospital Central de Asturias (Oviedo), Hospital General Universitario Gregorio Marañón (Madrid) and Hospital Virgen de la Arrixaca. Outside Spain Radiance™ is now up and running in the University Cancer Institute of Toulouse Oncopole (France), , the European Institute of Oncology (Milan, Italy), Universitätsklinikum (University Hospital Bonn, Germany), Institut Jules Bordet (Brussels, Belgium), Jackson Memorial Hospital (Miami, USA), New York–Presbyterian Hospital (USA), Mount Sinai Hospital (New York, USA), IM Sechenov First Moscow State Medical University (Russia), King Fahad Specialist Hospital (Dammam, Saudi Arabia) and King Fahad Medical City (Riyadh, Saudi Arabia), among others.

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