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Marie Curie Internship: Surgical Planning through Hands-on Medical Image Editing

nr ref. 743

doświadczenie: Studenci
Kraj: Hiszpania
Miasto:  Madryt


Given a medical image of the anatomical region of interest, the first objective will consist of setting up, in an automated manner, an efficient yet reliable deformation model. This will be achieved through a novel approach that will combine segmentation-free meshing with ground-breaking nonlinear homogenization methods. Inclusion of support for topological changes in the homogenized deformation model. Finally, a third objective will consist of the design of novel natural interaction techniques for the manipulation and deformation of medical images. The target scenario will take the form of an intuitive clinical design application executed on a touch screen (e.g., a tablet PC), where the clinical expert will manipulate the anatomical image directly. Novel interaction methods will enable the mapping of natural 2D gestures to the manipulation and deformation of the underlying 3D anatomy. The intuitive planning methods will be tested on an intraoperative radiotherapy planning tool.


- Level of English: Advanced
- Academic Degree: Biomedical Engineering PhD