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Marie Curie Internship: Optimization-Based Fusion of Surgical Planning Data for Intraoperative Navigation

nr ref. 742

doświadczenie: Studenci
Kraj: Hiszpania
Miasto:  Madryt


This ESR will enable intelligent fusion of preoperative planning data with real patient anatomy in an intraoperative setting. The first objective will consist of a novel automated methodology to design a compact deformation model from a patient’s medical image, using numerical coarsening methods. This compact model will be used to deform preoperative simulation data, navigation markers, etc. in an efficient manner. The second objective will consist of a novel variational formulation to match the input anatomy to intraoperative tracking data. The task will be formulated as a constrained optimization problem, which will be efficiently solved thanks to the compact deformation model resulting from the first objective. The third and final objective will comprise novel metaphors for the intuitive specification of objective functions and constraints for the optimization problem. This will allow clinicians to work directly on the patient data, without interacting with technical details. The fusion methods will be tested on an intraoperative radiotherapy planning and navigation tool.


- Academic Degree: PhD
- Level of English: Advanced