FDSSO 2021

GMV couldn't miss out on the first workshop on Space Flight Dynamics Services, Systems and Operations (FDSSO), an event that will take place in a hybrid format (online and onsite) on September 21-23.

The seminar will offer a unique forum for sharing information, demos, technical discussions, drafting future directives and creating networks related to the necessary Flight Dynamics services, systems used to provide these services and how the systems are prepared and operated. This depends in large part on the nature of the missions. The scientific missions to explore the solar system or observe the universe require advanced, unique services that demand flexible multi-mission systems and expert operators. The large number of Earth observation, telecommunication and navigation satellites demand more solid and efficient services with regard to resources and automated operations.

The workshop will cover not only the current situation, but also the changes expected with the future trends and new technologies.

The seminar is aimed at professionals from the space industry, academia and entities. It is expected to be an onsite event, with just one line of presentations, posters and practical demonstrations.


21/09/2021 - 23/09/2021

Source URL: http://www.gmv.com/communication/events/fdsso-2021