Collision Risk Assessment Tool

General Information

Operational Collision Avoidance Software

FocusCloseAp is able to handle many sources of data, such as CDM, orbital information in CCSDS standards (OEM, OPM) or TLE catalogues, and it executes conjunction screenings based on all the available sources. It calculates several levels of close approach warnings in CDM format, together with extra analysis products and plots.

The advanced scheduling features of FocusCloseAp enable all processing to be performed both automatically and regularly with minimal user interaction and users are notified of the program result.


Risk Assessment

  • Using orbital information, FocusCloseAp detects approaches between the satellite and external objects.
  • If a close conjunction is detected, collision avoidance maneuvers can be calculated.
  • Support for large fleets of satellites is available with integrated input forms and reports, as well as optimized calculations.

Orbital information from:

  • Target satellite: operational orbit.
  • External objects: CDM from any SSA provider, OEM catalogues or two-line elements (TLEs) downloaded from the internet.
  • Catalog filtering is a CPU-intensive task (thousands of objects are considered and propagated).
  • First, focusCloseAp applies the classic apogee-perigee filter, which is the most efficient.
  • Then, it applies a smart filter to exclude all remaining objects that cannot produce a close conjunction at the time of the analysis.
  • A precise root finder is used to calculate the exact moment of the closest approach.

Focuscloseap generates CDM for computed events, populates a historical CDM database and produces extra analysis products:

  • B-Plane plots
  • Relative distance plots
  • Uncertainty evolution plots around TCA
  • Events history plots
  • Scaled Probability of Collision Analysis
  • Parametrical study of Collision Avoidance Maneuvers

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