JISR product suite, compatible with the NATO interoperability initiatives (STANAG) and NATO doctrine

General Information


These products have been tested with excellent results in NATO exercise series, such as Unified Vision, Steadfast Cobalt, MAJEX, OPTIMAX, Trident Juncture, and others. This demonstrates interoperability with NATO’s functional area services (FAS) and other systems compliant with STANAG, which allows for complete execution of the JISR process. GMV has provided technical and operational support in its participation in all these exercises.


JISR SAPIIEM tool suite

CSD Sierra is a server that provides dissemination and persistent storage of standardized products and streaming capabilities, and facilitates JIRS initiative workflows. It includes the following components:

  • CSD server product library: provides persistence, query, and synchronization for static ISR products.
  • CSD streaming services: provide persistence, query, and replication of streaming data.
  • JISR services: provide a stack of services needed to permit the management flow of requirements and information collection management (IRM&CM) in the JISR process, based on the principles and standards of STANAG 4559.
  • SAPIIEM services: include a set of services that provide support to workflows that are not controlled by the JISR services.
  • The extensions are compatible when they are capable of interacting with external systems.       

Sierra Tools is a suite of web applications that give users capabilities to use the services and data of CSD Sierra. This makes it possible to integrate remote users into the JISR architecture that do not comply with STANAG and interact with the products and data from the JISR workflows.

SAPIIEM computer clients are Windows-based applications that provide advanced capabilities to develop the entire set of activities needed to execute the JISR process.

  • Atenea is an enhanced IRM&CM system. It supports collection managers in the planning of intelligence, collection and exploitation of information, and ISR (Intelligence, Surveillance and Reconnaissance) managers in the execution of collection and exploitation tasks for information in accordance with STANAG 4559 Ed. 4.
  • Seismo is a data exploitation tool that collects raw data from various sources. It provides intelligence analysts with the tools they need to develop useful and appropriate intelligence in operations, improving situational awareness according to STANAG 4559 Ed. 4.
  • Collector is an ISR information collection tool used to generate different ISR products compliant with STANAG formats and fully integrate them into the JISR cycle according to STANAG 4559 Ed. 4.

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