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  • Espacio

    GMV’s space business grows by 30 %

    GMV has managed to up its turnover by 30% on 2019, now topping 140 million euros. Moreover, the turnover of all GMV group companies now adds up to 245 million euros. These figures confirm that its space business is still booming, multiplying its turnover by a factor of 2.5 since ...
  • Satellite 2020

    GMV attends the latest SATELLITE

    The Walter Edward Washington Convention Center in Washington D.C. recently hosted today’s most important satellite-technology event, SATELLITE 2020, bringing together representatives from the top telecommunications-satellite companies. GMV now boasts a wealth of experience ...
  • GOSSRA_0

    GMV hosts NATO’s SST research program panel meeting

    On 25 and 26 February GMV’s head office in the Madrid Technology Park hosted the Systems Concepts and Integration Panel (SCI) meeting, forming part of the working methodology of the Science and Technology Organisation (STO) within NATO’s science-technology program. ...
  • Solar Orbiter 0

    Solar Orbiter heads for the sun

    On 10 February, right on schedule, the Solar Orbiter mission lifted off on an Atlas V 411 from Cape Canaveral, Florida, heading for the sun. At its closest point Solar Orbiter, led by the European Space Agency (ESA) with strong NASA participation, will be only 42 million kilometers ...
  • URSI 2019

    13th Congress of the Portuguese URSI Committee

    The Portuguese Committee of the International Union of Radio Science (URSI) held its thirteenth congress on 17 December 2019, in Lisbon (Portugal); the banner theme was ''Space: Challenges and Opportunities''. This event met the momentum that currently exists at a national level ...

    CHEOPS and OPS-SAT, dual launch with GMV technology

    On Wednesday 18 December, the European Space Agency (ESA) successfully launched two missions, CHEOPS (CHaracterising ExOPlanet Satellite) and OPS-SAT, from the spaceport in Kourou (French Guiana). Both missions use GMV technology and travelled on board the Soyuz-Fregat rocket, together ...
  • PAE 0

    GMV is re-elected as a member of the PAE’s Steering Committee

    On 12 December the Ministry of Science, Innovation and Universities hosted the General Assembly of the Spanish Aerospace Technological Platform (PAE). This technological platform acts as a meeting place for debate on Spanish aerospace R&D&I for its 85 members, which are drawn ...

    GMV’s avionics systems go from strength to strength

    Since 2017 GMV has been working on the design, development and qualification of a complete avionics system for PLD Space’s space probe, MIURA 1. This system takes in all vital avionics items for a classic launcher, such as the power subsystem; data management subsystem; guidance, ...

    EROSS OG7 successfully passes its Preliminary Design Review

    On 26 and 27 November Space Applications’ Brussels head office hosted the Preliminary Design Review (PDR) of the European Robotic Orbital Support Services project (EROSS) – OG7. EROSS OG7 successfully passed its PDR milestone, which sets out to consolidate the system’s ...