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  • MiRROR

    New in-orbit satellite repair and updating technology

    The Multi-arm Installation Robot for Readying project (MIRROR), is being run by a GMV-led consortium. Its remit is to develop a multi-arm robot for orbiting space telescopes. It kicked off on 18 May, in a digital encounter, and on 24 July passed its first major checkpoint, the system ...
  • LogoGMVNSL

    GMV merges its UK Company with NSL

    GMV Innovating Solutions Limited, the UK aerospace company belonging to GMV, has signed a merger agreement with Nottingham Scientific Limited (NSL). GMV trades in the aerospace, defense, ICT and intelligent-transportation-systems markets while NSL is UK leader in satellite navigation ...
  • Eurospace

    GMV, Europe's seventh biggest employer in the space sector

    Eurospace’s 24th facts & figures annual report on Europe’s space industry highlights the role played by GMV over recent years, accounting for 2.06% of full time employment in 2019 out of total of 47,895 workers (+5.7%). From the employment point of view, therefore, ...
  • Summer 2020 internship

    Summer 2020 internship scheme

    GMV keeps up a close contact with universities and study centers around the world, offering a year-round internship scheme, taking part in conferences, encounters and employment events to attract the best talent. For the last 20 years this ongoing endeavor has included a summer internship ...
  • COVID-19 Space Hunting Platform

    GMV leads development of ESA’s COVID-19 Space Hunting Platform

    The European Space Agency (ESA) has recently launched an internal initiative to cull ideas for supporting its member states in the study and analysis of the COVID-19 pandemic. Under this initiative ESAC’s Galileo Navigation Science Office has managed to get one of its ideas ...
  • HPE

    GMV hailed as southern Europe’s best service provider

    GMV has won Hewlett Packard Enterprise (HPE)’s «Southern Europe Service Provider of year 2020» prize. HPE’s Partner Growth Summit 2020 award scheme recognizes the year’s best-performing channel partners in terms of results and achievements, level of ...
  • Sistema Solar

    GMV supports Ciudad Rodrigo’s scaled-down solar system model

    The association called Astróbriga has set up a project for building a scaled-down solar system in the district of Ciudad Rodrigo. The aims of this model, the first of its type ever set up in Spain, include science education and awareness-raising as well as boosting Ciudad Rodrigo's ...

    GMV pulls of an eye-catching result in EDIDP program

    GMV will be taking part in four of the sixteen projects selected in the first call selected by the European Defence Fund within the first EDIDP call. The European Defence Industrial Development Programme (EDIDP) is a two-year program that sets out to boost the EU’s defense ...