User segment and applications

The use of information provided by earth observation systems in integrated environments plays an ever growing role in several areas of this activity. Complemented with other converging technologies, such as localization based on GNSS systems and communication, this information provides a wide array of systems and services to user communities in industries as diverse as transportation, security, agriculture, defense, traffic, urban planning, infrastructure development, tourism and more.

GMV is present in the space industry with technologies, systems and services in the areas of remote sensing data processing and exploitation, and the development of GNSS systems and application. GMV is also present in the telecommunications industry, providing innovative solutions through state-of-the-art platforms. As a result, GMV is uniquely positioned to provide high value-added applications to the benefit of users and the general public.

Through its involvement in programs such as the GMES program, European Commission framework programs, and different projects and development of GNSS system applications, GMV provides a wide array of user segment systems and solutions, including:

  • Satellite-based asset security and Critical Infraestructures Protection (CIP)
  • Emergency and crisis management EO-based services
  • Maritime traffic monitoring systems
  • Weather information value-added user services
  • Satellite-based Geo-information products to service forest management
  • GeoServices for precision farming, irrigation needs, crop monitoring, chlorophyll and biomass mapping
  • Market evaluation and development studies in different potential user communities
  • Development of network infrastructures for information management
  • On-line mapping servers for accessing GIS-integrated information
  • Earth observation data reception, processing, storing and distribution centers