Mission Analysis and Systems Engineering

Engaging in the first design phases of new space missions, studying their viability, determining optimal benchmarks to maximize scientific return, proposing new paths, establishing space mission objectives, providing space mission recovery or extension alternatives, supporting telecommunications satellite placements, and providing satellite constellation design for optimal coverage are just some of the fascinating activities provided by GMV in this field.

We provide solutions for all mission types, particularly interplanetary, scientific, earth observation, orbital transport and infrastructure, navigation and telecommunications missions. We also provide support for launcher mission analysis and orbital debris tracking and monitoring.

Since 1985 GMV has been providing Mission Analysis expertise and capabilities. GMV's portfolio of internal and ESA funded tools to deal with the most demanding scenarios related to Mission Analysis has no equal in Europe.  The company is proud to have provided direct support to ESA ESOC for virtually all European Space Agency missions over the last 25 years and into the future. Our experts have also been providing support to system and design studies for a huge number of space missions during the early phase of the missions design cycle and when any contingency has appeared during the missions flight (e.g. Huygens-Cassini)

Our system, tools, and know-how provide solutions to telecommunications satellite commercial operators.

GMV's main mission analysis activities include:

  • Orbit design and analysis, formation configuration, constellations and Space missions
  • Trajectory analysis and optimization, chemical propulsion and low-thrust propulsion
  • Launch window analysis
  • Navigation concepts and analysis linked to mission analysis (e.g. for interplanetary missions)
  • Algorithm Definition for Precise Orbit Determination (POD)
  • Coverage analysis for Earth observation satellites and payloads
  • Visibility analysis for all types of satellites and ground stations nets
  • Communications link performance analysis and radio interference studies
  • On-board instrument orientation design, analysis and calculation

 Our main mission analysis products include:

  • astrotool: Preliminary Mission Analysis Toolbox 
  • orbimat: Orbital Computation And Instrument Mission Analysis Tool 
  • eotool: Mission Analysis Tool for Earth Observation



 - PLATO, Sentinel-2, Sentinel-1, Galileo Second Generation, CarbonSat, BIOMASS, FLEX



- Data latency in hours for the Sentinel-2 acquired images



- Timeline of ground station contacts and instrument status for Sentinel-2 satellite



- PLATO trajectory in Synodic Frame