Precise positioning and augmentation GNSS solutions

GNSS augmentation is one of the core areas of GMV's expertise in GNSS. Our capabilities in this area include:

  • Satellite based augmentation system (SBAS), oriented to users interested in regional sub-metric accuracy with integrity, in single or dual-frequency modes
  • High accuracy centimetric augmentation systems based on the precise point positioning (PPP) technology

GMV technology in this area is offered in two outstanding products of the magicGNSS suite, a suite that provides quality data, algorithms and products for the GNSS user community:

  • magicSBAS: GMV's proprietary operational SBAS test bed solution. This product is GMV's response to those regions who want to explore, evaluate and demonstrate the benefits of SBAS augmentation. With magicSBAS, interested regions can quickly and efficiently deploy a demonstration SBAS system with GEO-broadcast capability.
  • magicPPP: GMV's proprietary PPP solution.magicPPP offers global and regional PPP augmentation a full range of services including static and kinematic post-processing as well as real-time services using specific user terminals developed by GMV that can be used in conjunction with any commercial dual-frequency receiver.

GMV's augmentation solutions are multiconstellation, currently support GPS and GLONASS and are ready to also support Galileo.