GNSS tools development

GMV offers a complete catalogue of GNSS tools covering different end-user and expert needs.

GMV's magicGNSS, a suite of software that provides quality data, algorithms and products for the GNSS user community, offers state-of-the-art solutions for:

  • Satellite based augmentation (SBAS), provided by magicSBAS, a state-of-the-art GPS&GLONASS operational SBAS testbed, capable of broadcasting a regional augmentation message through a GEO channel or through the internet.
  • Precise GNSS orbit determination and time synchronization, provided by magicODTS, a revolutionary, user-friendly suite.
  • Precise Point Positioning, provided by magicPPP, GMV's solution for GNSS-based high precision, centimetric, static and kinematic positioning in post-processing and real-time.
  • GNSS-based ionospheric determination, provided by magicIONO.

  • GNSS performance assessment, provided by magicGEMINI, a state-of-the-art, operational GNSS performance analysis and monitoring tool specifically designed to meet the needs of air navigation service providers and airspace users

GMV's offer also includes:

  • GNSS Service Volume Simulation, provided by polaris, a powerful GNSS service volume simulator that allows the rapid evaluation of navigation performances for different user applications in different environments.
  • GNSS raw data generation, provided by eetes.
  • GNSS constellation design and optimization, provided by elcano.
  • GNSS performance assessment, provided by teresa, eclayr and asqf.
  • GBAS evaluation, provided by mars3, a support tool for the performance validation of GBAS operations.

GMV's offer also includes the following two products specifically developed for the aeronautical market:

  • srx-10i a GNSS interference monitor and detection system
  • emil a GNSS-based calibration system for conventional navigation aids