Satellite Navigation Systems

Satellite navigation has become a basic technology for 21st century society, and it is now considered the fifth “utility” together with water, electricity, gas, and telephony. Its role in our everyday lives will become more and more relevant.

GMV is proud to have contributed to the development of satellite navigation in Europe for more than 20 years, becoming one of the main players in the implementation of the European strategy in the area of satellite navigation. GMV's knowledge in this field and the experience of our team have led us to a key position both in the development of European navigation systems EGNOS and Galileo, where GMV has developed critical subsystems (CPFPS - EGNOS Central Processing Facility, IPF – Integrity Processing Facility, OSPF – Orbit Synchronization Processing Facility, FDF – Flight Dynamics Facility, SPF – Service Product Facility, MDDN MNE-Mission Data Dissemination Network Element), and also in the development of different localization applications based on different GNSS systems, where we have been pioneers in the use of GPS, GLONASS and EGNOS signals.

GMV's activities in this area encompass a wide array of products and services, including activities in engineering, developing proprietary navigation algorithms, developing and integrating elements critical to the ground segment specific infrastructure, developing performance assessment tools for the design of navigation applications, and developing GNSS applications for different industries, such as air transportation, ground transportation, maritime navigation, agriculture, defense, security, civil engineering and more.

GMV's portfolio of activities in the satellite navigation area provide solutions to our customers in the following areas:

  • Satellite navigation systems engineering
  • Satellite navigation algorithms
  • Precise positioning and augmentation solutions
  • Operational GNSS data processing facilities
  • GNSS tools development, including simulators, data processing and performance analysis tools
  • GNSS receiver development
  • GNSS-based applications development for different markets
  • Indoor navigation systems