Science operations centers

Data provided by scientific satellites in different space missions and ground observatories require highly specialized processing to yield valuable returns that deepen our scientific knowledge in different research fields.

To respond to these needs, GMV develops and provides different solutions and systems based on our in-depth knowledge of the scientific disciplines involved, the instruments used in data gathering and the specific needs of the scientific community. These solutions and systems also benefit from our extensive experience working in scientific missions and settings and our close relationship with the scientists involved in the different projects we work in.

Our activities in the scientific data processing field are primarily focused on developing, maintaining and improving Scientific Operations Centers (SOCs) for space missions. Systems developed by GMV are responsible for planning and preparing scientific observations and analyzing and processing data from scientific instruments on board different missions. They also pre-process and verify instrument data quality, store and distribute data, and manage the interfaces with the satellite control center and the scientific community.

GMV provides data processing systems for ground telescope observations that enable data processing, reduction, storing and quality assessment.