Payload Management Systems for Telecom

Payload engineers need to cope with complex planning problems. They need to optimize the use of on-board resources and minimize the impact on customer services of any payload reconfiguration.

GMV offers a suite of specialized systems to help payload engineers in this task:

  • When a payload reconfiguration is needed either because of a change in the transmission plan or due to a failure in a payload component, smart rings provides the optimal new payload configuration (on all possible new configurations) based on a number of figures of merit thanks to an extremely powerful built-in search algorithm. It also generates the command procedure necessary to automatically perform the reconfiguration. It is a valuable tool for “what if” analysis, training and to automate payload reconfigurations during In-Orbit-Testing.
  • For satellites featuring steerable antennas, the optional module smart beams provides full support for re-pointing operations, including visualization of new coverage areas and generation of the telecommands for antenna re-pointing.
  • smartHz is a web-based multiuser transponder management product allowing for the optimization of the frequency plans and carrier power levels. It implements accurate models for the computation of link budgets and impairments analysis of all the relevant effects, including accurate models of the non-linear behavior of transponder amplifiers.
  • smart power has been developed to manage and optimize the on-board amplifiers operating configuration and satellite total power consumption.

All these systems are fully integrated with hifly®, GMV's real time satellite telemetry and command processing systems