Satellite Mission Planning Systems

In the existing context, where systems are increasingly complex and budgets and resources are increasingly tight, mission planning systems have become highly necessary to manage available resources and optimize their use.

In response to market needs, GMV provides mission planning systems that support the entire planning process in a highly configurable, flexible, adaptable, and extensible manner for easy maintenance and operation.

GMV provides these either as turnkey systems developed according to specifications supplied by customers with specific needs or systems based on the configuration of flexplan, our COTS mission planning generic product used by Space agencies ESA and NASA for several of their missions.

Our mission planning systems are developed to support different system operations and perform different complete satellite, on-board instrument and ground center/resource tasks. These systems are currently used in different mission types, such as satellite-based and UAV mixed platform types, as well as earth observation, weather, military, and transport type missions.

The generic nature of the planning systems developed by GMV makes them ideal to apply to any resource planning issue, not only on-board and space industry types, but also non-on-board resources and those from different industries where resource planning is vital for the enhanced management of resources.

Apart from the general services provided for the entire lifecycle of the systems we deliver, GMV provides specific mission planning services including:

  • Conflict Resolution
  • Algorithm Generation
  • Event and Plan Generation
  • Intuitive User-Friendly Graphic Interface

Our offer for mission planning is based on:

  • flexplan: GMV´s Commercial Off-The- Shelf solution for Generic Mission Planning and Scheduling. It manages the complete sequence of tasks related to the generation of a mission schedule, starting from the reception of mission events or instrument user requests, up to the generation of the complete conflict-free operational schedule. flexplan can easily support any complex mission, from Earth or Lunar observation to scientific interplanetary, and from single to multi- spacecraft.