Ground control systems

Satellites require robust and reliable ground systems enabling tracking and control to get the most out of their performance and ensure data and service continuity and integrity. GMV is a global leader in supplying satellite control centers to institutional customers, and the number one worldwide independent GCS (Ground Control Systems) supplier to commercial telecommunications operators.

Real time telemetry and command processing systems provided by GMV provide support to different mission types, such as scientific, earth observation, telecommunications, orbital transport and infrastructure, navigation, space exploration and military missions.

In response to the needs of different customers and mission types, GMV provides either turnkey systems developed according to specifications furnished by our customers with specific needs, SCOS-2000 based systems (ESA infrastructure of TM/TC real-time systems), or for the telecommunications satellite commercial market, systems based on the adaptation of hifly®, our COTS multisatellite, multimission flight-proven product for integrated support of commercial platform satellite operations. In addition to this, GMV provides engineering and consulting support during any development phase of these systems.

As an independent supplier, GMV is able to provide the best solution for its customers. Our extensive experience, the knowledge of the different satellite platforms acquired throughout the years, and our close relationship with major satellite manufacturers in the international arena (Astrium, Boeing Satellite Systems, Lockheed Martin, Orbital Sciences Corporation, Space Systems Loral, Thales Alenia Space, Melco and ISS Reshetnev) enable us to tailor our systems to the needs of our customers and provide optimum solutions to satellite operators, while ensuring data confidentiality for satellite manufacturers.

Our product offer in ground control system includes:

  • hifly®: COTS multimission multisatellite system for satellite monitoring and control
  • hiflyviews: hifly® component, providing telemetry visualization for satellite monitoring
  • archiva: hifly® component, for satellite telemetry data storing