Earth Observation Payload Data Processing Systems

Using information provided by Earth observation systems requires highly specialized processing of data sent by satellite, air-based or ground observation platforms.

Knowledge of multidisciplinary technologies for data processing, image treatment, algorithm development, visualization, storing, publication, data merging, etc., and the knowledge of users and demanded applications are essential to develop these systems.

Throughout more than two decades providing these solutions to a wide range of customers, GMV has acquired the experience, technology and equipment for supplying earth observation data processing solutions and systems.

GMV provides:

  • Earth observation data processing system studies and consulting
  • Payload Data Segment (PDS) system definition, design and development for different processing levels, ranging from 0 to 4
  • Development of generic and configurable Earth observation data processing environments
  • Development of prototypes for instrument processors and auxiliary tools for data processing, data quality assessment and sensor performance assessment
  • Development of operational SW for on-board processors
  • Development of TM/TC subsystems for payload operation and monitoring
  • Independent validation and verification of PDS elements

GMV's offer in this area includes:

  • eoforge: a generic environment for developing applications for earth observation data ingestion, processing, analysis, visualization and classification.