Operational Instrument Processing Facilities

The Operational Instrument Processing Facility implements the ATBD and DPM coming from the prototyping activities, optimizing the performances and following the interfaces of the operational environment. Operational IPFs are becoming more demanding on schedule, performances and resource consumption, challenging the industry to apply innovative methods while relying on the huge accumulated experience in the field.

GMV is one of the leading suppliers of Data Processing systems in Europe. GMV has developed processing software for EO sensors. Some examples of this activity are the development of the operational processor of the MERIS sensor (on board ENVISAT, contracted by ESA), the processing chain (L0 and L1) of the SMOS mission and the operational processor of the GRAS instrument (on board of the EUMETSAT METOP satellites, contracted by ESA-EUMETSAT). Earth Explorer Swarm L1b and L2 operational processors are currently under GMV´s development.

GMV has demonstrated its high capability of dealing with the development of very demanding operational processors and in a context of continuous changes, being able to fulfil the committed compromises in a flexible way with guaranteed high performance.