Instrument prototype processors

The development of an instrument prototype processor is intended to establish the foundations for the subsequent development of an instrument operational processor. Its objective is to assess the algorithms defined in an Algorithms Theoretical Basis Document (ATBD) that describes the means to derive the required data from the instrument measurements and to provide, based on this assessment, a Detailed Processing Model (DPM) that can be used to generate operational products.

Expertise on the definition, implementation and validation of the different processing algorithms, understanding of the instrument characterization and the knowledge of the key parameters that affect the image performance are key elements of the instrument prototype processing development activities.

GMV has been responsible for the development, testing and verification of the EPS GRAS and GOME-2 ground processor prototypes for performance assessment of the instruments and validation of the operational processors. GMV has been awarded the contract for the development of the processing prototype of the SEOSAT/INGENIO level 1 processor. GMV worked from performance requirements, defining the ATBD, coding the algorithms and then producing the DPM.

GMV is also fully responsible for the implementation of the prototype processing of all EarthCare instruments: MSI, BBR and ATLID.